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Dict help files For example, the dict.pack help. Connecting a dict object to the output of dict.pack shows how it works in context. Even clearer w... 2 years
Comments on the new UI Love the potential for plot~! I’ve wanted a multi-dimensional data viewer for years. Request (unless I’m missing somet... 2 years
Is it Worth Buying an iPad Just to Use it as a Max/MSP Controller? Well, it’s lot cheaper, for one. It’s also a lot smaller, more compact, and lighter to carry to the gig. The software ... 3 years
Is it Worth Buying an iPad Just to Use it as a Max/MSP Controller? I’ve used my iPad as a controller for Max successfully, in performance, using TouchOSC, via a computer to computer network. ... 3 years
continuous hidden Markov model Well, that’s just teasing, isn’t it? I would be most interested in seeing your results – please share. - Arne 4 years
coll bug or feature? Coll had a major rewrite for Max 5, and is no longer the precarious beast it once was. I happily use it throughout my patchers, wh... 4 years
Lemur Sale In this youtube video, I’m using the Lemur as a front-end to a Max patch (that controls a robotic percussionist): http://www... 5 years
Lemur connection 2009/2/3 generalh : > 1. Do i have to use JazzServer or client to get ip packets from the lemur to max or is it enough using udpre... 5 years
Multitouch Controllers: Jazzmutant's Lemur VS convertible tablets I’m lucky enough to have had a Lemur for over a year. I find it to be extremely easy to use, and that it integrates seamless... 5 years
ChucK One of ChucK’s raison d’etre is that it is “strongly timed”. Considering the number of posts here about pr... 5 years
Why Are My Loadbangs Not Banging? 2008/12/4 Chris Muir : > That’s still not deterministic, is it? If order needs to be controlled *across* patches, then I thi... 5 years
Why Are My Loadbangs Not Banging? I personally do not trust loadbangs, since there is no way to determine the order of firing with multiple subpatchers/bpatchers. I... 5 years
Finding the lesser of two numbers 2008/11/3 Brennon Bortz : > Yes, I know about [if]. But, anytime a help file begins: “For those stuck in traditional progra... 5 years
Max 5 — slow edition 2008/10/15 Kyle Kaplan > > My conclusion – Max 5 is slow and unreliable. > I have to disagree, at least on the second part... 5 years
Where to find more advanced Max/MSP patches Some of my pedagogical software and patches are available here: 5 years
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Mira 1.1.7 is now available 6 1 Gramsham 1 week
Max 6.1.7 Released 3 1 Luke Woodbury 16 minutes
Machine learning in Max 4 5 timothybone 1 year
deferlow no longer needed to avoid stack overflow? 3 4 Ch 2 years
Dict help files 4 6 chase 2 years
Max 5 Comment request 9 15 mpberger 3 years
   Kinetic Engine – Encoding Knowledge in Software Performance Systems 1 1 arne 4 years
Bpatcher BUG 4 8 Diemo Schwarz 4 years
coll bug or feature? 4 5 stefantiedje 4 years
Feature request: pv & v 2 2 Emmanuel Jourdan 5 years
Feature request: colour matching 2 3 arne 5 years
5.0.4 crash on load 2 4 Rob Sussman 5 years
Maxers in Paris ? 1 1 arne 5 years
Max 5 crash on coll naming 3 4 Stefan Tiedje 5 years
New Max5 GUI vs. Macintosh GUI 3 4 waj 5 years
Max 5 Multislider request 5 11 seejayjames 5 years
Bpatcher BUG 2 2 David Zicarelli 5 years
Weirdness on restart after crash BUG 1 2 arne 5 years
rslider feature request 3 4 arne 5 years
Textbutton bug 2 2 Emmanuel Jourdan 5 years
Bpatcher editing 4 5 6 years
Colors in Max 5 2 2 Emmanuel Jourdan 6 years
Interp individual pattrstorage elements 3 6 Adam Murray 6 years
Real-time loop program 2 2 roger.carruthers 6 years
Lobject Intel bug (?) 2 3 arne 6 years
Crash on coll refer 1 1 arne 7 years
Feature Request: value object 10 23 vade 7 years
   Managing Complex Patches in Max 1 -1 arne 7 years
Maxers at ICMC New Orleans? 9 9 erichonour 7 years
List element replace 6 8 Stefan Tiedje 7 years
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