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[delay] in gen giving a TOTALLY DIFFERENT signal than [delay~]!?!? I think I need to mention that nowhere is it said that gen~ operators are supposed to be identical to MSP objects. Though they may... 2 months
[delay] in gen giving a TOTALLY DIFFERENT signal than [delay~]!?!? The gen delay object offers four options for interpolation (none, linear, cubic, spline), set using the @interp argument. The defa... 2 months
[delay] in gen giving a TOTALLY DIFFERENT signal than [delay~]!?!? The minimum 1 sample delay in gen is to support feedback. You can bypass it by adding @feedback 0 to the delay object. This will l... 2 months
[sharing der Niebelungen] Looper with gen~ @vichug, yes, currently there is no way to get the samplerate of a sound file from within gen~ (I’ve added that as a feature... 5 months
Better scopes – gl, perhaps? Maybe you’re already beyond this, but there’s a couple of gl / matrix based scopes I made here: http://www.mat.ucsb.e... 5 months
[Request] Shortened attributes in object box It’s already even easier: [in 1 foo] is the same as [in 1 @comment foo] 8 months
Question about gen~ 'chopper' examples You could keep track of the total duration by updating a History object in the if(is_complete) section. E.g., where it currently s... 8 months
Gen PhaseVocoder Sound Quality issues Strictly speaking the @interp none/step shouldn’t change the sound, so long as the delay times coming in are integers (shoul... 8 months
gen and History in functions Partly. Because it is a closure, each instance of gran_voice() in the GenExpr code will create new History memory in the generated... 9 months
Driven / Undriven Van Der Pol Oscillator Roughage! 9 months
vectral~ in gen possible? I can replicate the crash, if audio DSP is on. I’ve ticketed this as an issue. In the meantime, it does work for me to add t... 9 months
Trouble then trying to make aux-send from gen I can’t open the max patch you sent, I think something is corrupted. Can you try again? Select-All, Edit -> Copy Compress... 9 months
MillerPuckette's "Switch&Ramp" reworked in gen~ And how can i tell by that code(whether in the sidebar or in your expr), which gen~ “in”(let) they are taking history from? (o... 9 months
vectral~ in gen possible? Probably the inputs to poltocar should come from the mix operators, not the peeks. Also, the second argument to [peek] is not the ... 9 months
Gen~.chaos -> Codebox A couple of problems. 1. Inside the if(), the first line modifies the value of x, then the second line uses the value of x (which ... 9 months
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