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translate msp [line~] into gen~ [counter] There most certainly is a counter operator in gen~, although it was not among the early basic li... 9 months
Issue with addition Unless you specify otherwise, Max expects to be working with integers [Yeah, I know. It's been this way forever, though]. Take a l... 9 months
Mira request: umenu! Hmmm. This is a totally stupid drawn-on-a-beer-coaster solution using an invisible dial and the hover object [doesn't always work,... 9 months
Microtonal in Max for Live? Well, if you’re working with oscillators, it’s dead-bang simple to mock-up an abstraction that substitutes for the mto... 10 months
Gen~ Noise seed? There’s not a seed for the noise operator, but there are plenty of ways to mangle noise output to get very different results... 11 months
How to know the various messages ; max ???? Max: MSP: 1 year
Saving audio files in Max Under the Extras menu, select QuickRecord. It lets you create files and record patch output. 1 year
Scripting messages If the lack of listing is an oversight, I’ll make sure it’s updated (and check on whether there’s anything else ... 1 year
Scripting messages Click on a thispatcher object to select it. Choose “Open thispatcher Reference” from the Help menu Everything is liste... 1 year
Scrubbing with this video player Video is muted in the PLAYR module on purpose. You can, of course, open the bpatcher and edit its contents. The SCRUBBR produces a... 1 year
convolution reverb It’ll be difficult to make a Max patch if you don’t use any externals. I presume you’re referring to third-party... 1 year
summer max classes Here in the U.S. there’s always the Max/MSP course offered each summer by CNMAT – I expect you’ll see it listed ... 1 year
Patterstorage order of (recalling) operations? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question, but you can certainly double-click the pattrstorage object and set recall order ... 1 year
a jit.gen patcher of my own that doesn't work ? ----------begin_max5_patcher---------- 1025.3oc2Y11ahiCD.9ygeEV4S2IwhhcR.xsBc59czcUUHwPc2D6HGSW1qp+ 2O+RBXmBkD.0kiu.jY7KielwiGb... 1 year
Chess for Max I’m seeing a series of fine art prints here, Jeremy. The N greatest chess games ever played. 1 year
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