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[Bug?] Button blink staying "on"when receiving outlinecolor + bang message Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply and the ticket. A second button with transparency should work nicely. I appreciate your input. 12 months
Announcing Max 6 Very exciting news. I’m eager to learn more and look forward to getting further information at the Expo. Thanks for the te... 2 years
Max apps in new Apple Mac App Store? Oli, I want to personally thank you for testing the waters for the rest of us. I am sorry to hear that Max apps would be rejected... 2 years
expo74 2010 I would very much like any information regarding an east coast expo as well. Hope it works out! :) 3 years
Public spirit in the cloud This is wonderful. Thanks for dropping the link. I’m not aware of a huge community of Max users locally, so my only connec... 4 years
Max patches for iPhone? its been done on PD I’m sure this would involve a great deal of work, but if we’re taking a survey, I would love to see this as well. :) 4 years
iphone as a platform in the future? You may be interested in checking out an app called “Jasuto” for the iPhone. Last I checked, it was $1, and great mod... 4 years
[Sharing is fun] Free physical-modeling synth-Kapling Thanks. I appreciate you guys checking it out. Let me know if you end up making any music with it. 5 years
Expo74 Registration is Open I second the online consumption request. :) Would absolutely love to attend, but there’s no way I’ll be able to, unfo... 5 years
info~ bug or just me? Ah, silly mistake on my part. I was using a “read” or “import” message instead of “replace,” ... 5 years
info~ bug or just me? Thank you for the response. I did, indeed, send a bang to info~ and the total time still failed to update when I loaded new files ... 5 years
how to avoid clicks when using fuction for monophonic synthesis This helped me a great deal as well. Thank you much. 5 years
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Max 6.1.6 Released 14 1 Leigh Marble 1 week
Mira 1.1.7 is now available 6 1 Gramsham 5 days
[Bug?] Button blink staying "on"when receiving outlinecolor + bang message 2 3 sine 12 months
expo74 2010 4 6 Lilli Wessling Hart 3 years
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