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Novel-reader, coffee-drinker, code-writer by day, wholesale consumer of pomegranates and walnuts by night.

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Bpatcher needed in Mira Oh, you know. One of these days. iPhone support is probably next on the docket, but honestly there are so many fish frying all ove... 3 days
Can Max patch tell which Mira tab is in focus? Luke, Unfortunately that’s not currently possible. That does sound like a useful feature, though, so we’ll be looking ... 2 months
Mira 1.1.6 @hzd You’ve got the package installed at two different places somehow. Do you have Max for Live, by chance? I remember a lit... 2 months
Version mismatch @bitwise Ah, really sorry to hear about this frustrating situation. You definitely have a rogue, out of date mira.frame.mxo on you... 3 months
Bpatcher needed in Mira I can tell you it’s right at the top of my to-do list, if that’s any comfort. Believe me, I want bpatcher as well. Nes... 4 months
Mira on 1st gen iPad? I know, I know, I goofed it when I updated a bunch of stuff for iOS 7. It will be back to normal in the next version. 4 months
Mira.Frame numbering mira.frame should have an attribute called Tab Index. Does that do what you were looking for? 4 months
Mira + jit.uldl Ha, I bet you are the first person to use these two objects together. I’m not able to reproduce on my machine. Can you tell ... 4 months
Mira connection error @incky Wow, really sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble. Are you getting a connection error when you try to connect M... 4 months
Let us know if you own Mira! @jauntyrhodes I like your username. Also, Mira technically works with M4L, but we haven’t had the chance to polish the exper... 4 months
UI discrepancies @avantronica Thanks for being so frank with me, it’s really great to be able to talk openly about the whole development proc... 5 months
UI discrepancies @avantronica Thanks for pointing out these discrepancies and even more so your patience as we try to fix all this stuff. Hopefully... 5 months
Mira connection error If you running Mira 1.1.6, then I really can’t say what’s going on. I’ll let you know as soon as I know whatR... 5 months
Mira connection error @laertesweisman Really sorry about that. By any chance, is your macbook connected to ethernet by a physical cable? 5 months
Mira connection error @dolce Great to hear. @jmcjedi Huh. I’m really sorry you’re still having trouble. Of the top of my head, all I can thi... 5 months
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