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Any chance there will be an expo 74 this year? We just discussed this today. We hoped for 2013 but our efforts were thwarted. We’re going to try for 2014. 9 months
MAX 6 DAY SALE: 35% off Max products (even Mira and Gen) until July 12 First, if you were not aware of this already, you should understand that your app store transaction is between you and Apple. Appl... 9 months
Making Connections: Camera Data Interesting. 4 years
waveshaping, mapping -1 to 1 We fixed a bug for the next update where lookup~ was improperly mapping negative values. It sounds like this could be the source o... 5 years
switching from Reaktor? By the way, the SDK for writing C external objects for Max 4.6 works for Max 5 unless you want to create UI objects or access new ... 5 years
metro and rewire problem The active attribute starts the transport when the metro object is instantiated. It does nothing else. I would say that the best b... 5 years
metro and rewire problem Nick, I’m not saying you’re expecting too much, but what would @active 1 have to do with the metro not stopping when t... 5 years
Auto save, backup? Sequencing actions for tutorial purposes as well as the ability to recreate problems from sequences of user actions are two other ... 5 years
Auto save, backup? We are looking at the possibility of writing the undo history of a patch to file, which would help with recovering your work and a... 5 years
File called oobo in trash on every reboot? Since version 4.6, Max has been creating files called oobo in the system temporary folder. Normally these files should be deleted ... 5 years
omx.peaklim~ confusion Thanks for your question. The omx objects use a somewhat curious “humanized” parameter value scheme that we should put... 5 years
[enhancement request]: update Open Recent menu when opening a patch from that menu Thanks for pointing this out. The current behavior is not consistent with the standard Recent Items menu behavior. This will be fi... 5 years
Max 5: Epic failure Just think of how much incredible high-quality art you could be making if you could freely drag “millions” of objects ... 5 years
SERIOUS Max 5 performance thread > If max’s recalculations of object order while dragging is slowing the program down considerably As I said before, outlet s... 5 years
SERIOUS Max 5 performance thread At this point, further pontification on the subject of performance, including speculation about our coding practices, executive de... 5 years
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Max 6.1.6 Released 14 1 Leigh Marble 2 weeks
Mira 1.1.7 is now available 6 1 Gramsham 1 week
   Sound Design with Max 2 2 Helmuth 3 weeks
   What it’s like to work at Cycling ’74 9 10 Jan 1 month
   Two New Max Books 4 5 stringtapper 2 months
   Post and Beam Release 4 4 Wetterberg 6 months
   New Max/MSP ebook in Spanish and English 1 1 David Zicarelli 6 months
   It’s Mira Time 6 8 Daniel 9 months
   An early look at our mobile development 13 15 Masarin 9 months
   Workshop at Harvestworks 1 1 David Zicarelli 11 months
   An Interview with Eric Lyon 1 1 David Zicarelli 1 year
   Book on writing audio externals in C for Max and Pd now available 3 2 Wolf Hermann 1 year
   Live Cubes 1 1 David Zicarelli 1 year
   What’s in a Number? 1 1 David Zicarelli 1 year
   An Ongoing Blast from the Past 1 1 David Zicarelli 1 year
   Software Company 2 1 jml 2 years
   Max Mathews: An Appreciation 5 10 Tommy DOG 2 years
5.0.6 available 17 21 Ras Lunding 5 years
   Tools for Creating Devices in Live 1 1 David Zicarelli 5 years
Max 5 SDK released 9 9 Anthony Palomba 5 years
Cycling '74 office closed Monday 10-6 and Tuesday 10-7 11 12 Stefan Tiedje 5 years
   Announcing Expo ’74: Our First User Conference 1 -1 David Zicarelli 5 years
5.0.3 released 7 15 Stefan Tiedje 5 years
native font rendering 8 11 mdk 5 years
Latest Support Information menu item 2 2 yair reshef 5 years
5.0.1 23 40 mdk 5 years
   Max 5 and Attributes 1 1 David Zicarelli 6 years
   A First Look at Max 5 1 -1 David Zicarelli 6 years
   Q & A with Amoebazoid 1 1 David Zicarelli 6 years
   An Interview with Bert Schiettecatte about AudioCubes 1 1 David Zicarelli 6 years
   Our Collaboration with Ableton 1 1 David Zicarelli 7 years
   C74 Tries Marketing to Kids (and Soccer Moms) 1 1 David Zicarelli 7 years
   An Interview With William Kleinsasser 1 -1 David Zicarelli 8 years
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