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[sc3~], v 0.996

by Brad Garton

[sc3~] allows data and audio to be sent to/from the sclang and scsynth processes, making it easy to integrate the SuperCollider 3 language into Max/MSP work.  Multiple instantiations of the object ca...

[chuck~], v 1.6

by Brad Garton

[chuck~] v 1.6: Download from The new [chuck~] object is up-to-date with the latest (v release of the ChucK language, including the LiSa live-samplin...

[mxj maxlispj], v 0.96

by Brad Garton

[mxj maxlispj] v 0.96: Download from This relatively complete implementation of Common Lisp uses the "abcl" (current version, 0.23.0) java-based interprete...

[rtcmix~], v 1.8

by Brad Garton

[rtcmix~] v 1.8: Download from [rtcmix~] encapsulates the "musicN"-style sound synthesis and signal processing language RTcmix within Max/MSP.  RTcmix includes a robus...

midi in/out for MaxForLive

by leighhunt

lh_midiinoutV1.03 - A pair of objects to access all midi data types from within M4L devices. Updated to work smoothly with core midi changes and multiple occurrences of the same midi controller (e....


by klaus filip

max-external (universal binary, windows) combination of number and slider with formatting options, individual digit drag, logarithmic slider and keyboard-support multislider option http:/...

BPM to Millisecond Converter [TK.bpmtoms]

by Travis Kaufman

This object takes tempo information and converts it into a millisecond value, which can be used for tempo-synched delays, tempo-synched LFOs, or anything else that you would like "tempo-synched."


by Emmanuel Jourdan

After a discussion on the MaxMSP forum. Example to display a waveform, in circle... There's 2 versions included: plain Max, Java + lcd. Note: it's quick and dirty... but might be interesting to s...

Dual Video Mixer

by Neal Johnson

This is a project put together with the new VIZZIE modules (some modified,) a little bit of AUVI, some pieces of code found here and there all to create a live video mixer with loads of effects. There...

ATTRACTR a Vizzie Module

by Gregory Taylor

Here's a Vizzie generator module based on André Sier's marvellous Chaos library Navier-Stokes object. It gives you properly Vizzie-scaled outputs for each of the 5 component parts of the equation, a ...

Nixie tube display for Max

by nick rothwell / cassiel

Nixie tube display for Max, using JSUI. Download: (Four years old, and originally written for Max 4, but still perfectly functional in Max 5.)


by nick rothwell / cassiel

Python for MaxMSP using Jython within MXJ. Download:

Max + Live To Twitter

by Andrew Spitz

Max To Twitter & Live To Twitter let you post tweets directly from Max/MSP and Ableton Live. Read more and download here:


by TFF

Pedant is a tool for comparing the efficiency of different methods. Open the subpatch, and hook up the two sets of objects you'd like to compare. Set the number of iterations, and each method will be ...


by Arvid Tomayko

A Max object written in java (using mxj) to communicate back and forth over a single persistent TCP/IP socket with a TCP/IP server, something the net.tcp objects that ship with Max can't do. Opens a s...


by Andrew Benson

A simple Arduino sketch and Max patches for using an Arduino as a sensor interface. Includes code for driving multiplexers as well. The provides an easily extensible example for beginners and studen...


by Mathieu Chamagne

[MMF-Fantastick] : Max Multitouch Framework for iPad, iPhone & iPod-touch + Fantastick MMF-Fantastick is an extension of MMF (Max Multitouch Framework) : a set of abstractions to control max us...


by Tim Lloyd

Just a little abstraction for a shift+"~" keyboard shortcut to toggle dsp on/off in a patch.....

bach: automated composer’s helper

by andrea agostini

Authors: Daniele Ghisi and Andrea Agostini bach: automated composer's helper is a cross-platform set of patches and externals for Max, aimed to bring the richness of computer-aided composition in...

Mxj Fileout

by FRid

Fileout finally available in max. Use this to write bytes to a file. Made to use with filein Everything is included in the .zip-file. [Updated V1.1] - changed input from lists to int due to max.lis...

Xively report

by nnimar

Enter your Xively API and a feed number and you will able to download the JSON data via the dict feature in Max 6. This is an update over the Pachube / COSM tools.

UBC Toolbox

by kahamel

The UBC Toolbox is a collection of 50+ modules that can be used to quickly construct Max patches.  The modules include players (eg. fm players, soundfile players, samplers, granulators, etc.) effects...

lops – list manipulations object

by ffomezolam

Version mid-2010; created early 2010, ported to intel Mac mid-2010; for Max 5.  An object which performs a number of simple list operations: filling a list to a specified size, creating a list by re...


by MIB

The MRautoScalerBP is a bpatcher designed to deal with 3-axis accelerometers. Turn on the autoScaler function, move your sensor and the patcher will detect the range of the sensor and set all necessar...

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