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by Mattijs

version 041. Objects that help you design complex patches


by rdudas

a wavetable-based oscillator bank (includes source code!)


by Peter Nyboer

a labeled LCD button abstraction.

matrix midi mapper

by dodgeroo

These are three 16X16 matrix patches that allow you to map midi input into max by moving a fader or pressing a key.


by Ignotus

This synthesizer patch was designed to create sci-fi sound effects in the style of 50s movies. It passes an FM signal through a cheesy allpass reverb and a formant filtering section. Envelopes control...


by topher lafata

Example of using Java to control LCD to make an interactive file browsing widget.


by jhno

a maximally simple example of using lcd to make a ui control - using quickdraw instead of picts.


by Peter Nyboer

a jitter-based kludge that allows for disk-based playback of mp3's and easy integration with sfplay~


by Darwin Grosse

mono synth


by Francois Weber

Play, Pause, Resume, Loop for qlist...


by Jeremy Bernstein

determine if a pattr-named object exists or not


by ludwig_sears

This handy little machine automatically assigns MIDI control numbers and channels to your synths or DAWs, to aid in their programming. You can set it either to assign consecutive control-numbers on th...


by jhno

simple lcd/scripting toy

Signal-Rate Utilities

by Andrew Benson

A set of useful and simple objects for working with signal-rate timing. shot~ uninterruptible ramp triggered by 0-nonzero transitions, specified in milliseconds. cshot~ similar to shot~, but count...


by stefantiedje

A new version of my library. It can be used as such or as a source of inspiration for your own abstractions. The abhaXions do contain a bunch of abstractions for missing externals, including some abst...


by Joshua Kit Clayton

the jit.lcd-layers utility patches provide a simple means of using jit.lcd for compositing several images with various Quickdraw transfermodes, scaling, and positioning.


by Leo van der Veen

Standalone application, a funky granular sample player. Can also be used for timestretch/pitchshift. Uses just one groove~ object to play fragments of a sample.

SuperCollider Compatibility Lib

by Timothy Place

A humble start on a package of abstractions to make porting SuperCollider patches to Max/MSP easier... (ca. 2001)

Jitter Lua

by Wesley Smith UB / Windows beta 4 - Jitter support for Lua scripting language luaMOPs - Lua-based Jitter matrix operators module. luaODE - Lua Open Dynamics Engine module (UB OSX and Windows)


by jhno

message router like matrix~ (scripting)


by martinrobinson

extends Emmanuel Jordan's ej.function.js to enable editing of curves between breakpoints, compatible with curve~. Requires ejies to be installed ( Now works with ejies 1.57...


by Leo van der Veen

Search, the synthesisters mail archive or google from the extras menu (that is if you put this file in your patches/extras folder). I guess there are several guys out there who build so...


by Marcel Wierckx

lets you store settings from all your sub- or bpatchers in one handy location. It can handle ints, floats and symbols as well as lists

Max Object Thesaurus

by stefantiedje

The Thesaurus of Max as a Max patch!

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