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by klaus filip

abstraction, that divides an octave to any amount of tones (output==frequency)


by Jeremy Bernstein

Bill Orcutt's shell object: execute shell commands via this excellent Max object Mac OSX (Intel, Fat 32/64-bit) + source code (for Max 6.1.0 and newer) (last update: 13 March 2013) old PP...


by jhno

control RME HDSP sound card (still OS9-only, sigh)


by stefantiedje

Your computer keyboard as Midi keyboard.


by stefantiedje

My favorite Midi monitor, can't live without it. On request I will send sources. I just have to check if and how to complete the St.ools with subpatchers used in those collectives


by Roby Steinmetzer

UI example how you can use Lcd to create customized breakpoint function editors

LCD drag and drop

by jhno

drag and drop example using LCD

Chaos Lib

by andré sier

Chaos Library. Place the 'new object' listing in Application Support/Cycling '74/init. The Universal Binary version for intel mac can be found here :


by Anders Dahl

example patcher displaying various animated custom matrixctrls, knobs, sliders, etc, with supporting image files

screenshot generator

by jhno

used for "please debug" (scripting)

pushkeys patch

by jhno

a drop-in replacement for the OS9 pushkeys object, using the modifiers object instead.


by martinrobinson

build and maintain global menus.


by jhno

a "multipictslider" of sorts. lcd-based bank of graphic sliders.


by Joshua Kit Clayton

uses the quicktime api to retrieve a file from a url and save to disk


by Joshua Kit Clayton

simplethread example


by Peter Nyboer

a simple li'l fm synth, controllable by keyboard. Adapted from John Bischoff's FM Surfer example.


by rdudas

a public-domain reverberation unit - with commented patchers


by jhno

a textedit-like ui patch for entering and displaying text, with the advantage of complete tweakability.


by Marcel Wierckx

an lcd-based bpatcher which performs a similar function to Max's built-in rangebar. This one has some nifty features which the (ageing) rangebar lacks.


by Peter Nyboer

an example of how to use cnmat's osc/otudp objects to communicate data over a network. Includes a standalone for your non-Max-enabled machines.

G4 floating-point non-Java mode

by Adam Schabtach

Object for setting the G4 CPU's floating-point calculation mode to non-Java mode, which may improve MSP's performance in some situations.


by Robert Henke

the new new new monolake step-sequencer (extensive graphic ui, including max 4 features)


by Leo van der Veen

Standalone score editor to Csound using the expr object to create formulas and so on... (thanks to J. Jester for the numlets-external and TapTools for the tap.typecheck-external)


by Leo van der Veen

Record a stream of int/float/lists or even symbols to output them later in a specified amount of time.

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