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Projects: controller

Proto type for qwerty & mouse synth

by irvn

Using keystrokes or mouse position, generate a a tone as well as change the background color. This is the first draft, as I hope to add sound shaping, more i...

LFO 2.0 for Ableton Live

by Julien Bayle

One year ago, it was the first efficient LFO officially supported (by us) for Ableton Live and it has a been liked & used by a lot of people. With LFO ...

MIDI Merlin

by Randy George

Attention Friends: The next iteration of MIDI Merlin, version 2.0, will be a commercial release and it will no longer be free software. As a thank you treat to ...

Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold

by alexanderschubert

Alexander Schubert Your Fox's A Dirty Gold (2011) For solo performer with voice, motion sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics 14'   ...


by Raja_The_Resident_Asswipe

AN ALIEN TECHNOLOGY: 12 samplers, sample-accurate sequencing, with effects that include stereo delay, vst-loading, and vocoders, 2 resident synths which feed th...

Peydgentron’s “Obvi EP”

by naetron

Pedrodomus (NYC) and Naetron (ATX) have teamed up under court orders to release a truly metal, glitched-out, rock-solid EP. We've been ordered by "those who s...

Lumisonic Synaesthetics

by spacestrings

Here is a run through of the setup for the laser controlled music thingy! This is not how it sounds as it is just ticking over whilst I am filming and when I do...

komak touchmid

by komak

This is a touchpad to MIDI continuous controller for apple macbook pro, may work with the magic trackpad too. I use it to control tree x/y cc with fingers. ...


by Rui Caldas

WiiDrum is an virtual drum. It uses MIDI messages to control the drums sounds, but it's design to be used with the Wii Drum Controller from Guitar Hero 5, becau...

Sound Design with Max/MSP manipulation

by panniccioli

At Zelig Sound, we found one of our composers/sound designers using Max/MSP to create very nice 'sonic-movements' and manipulations. This was all being controll...

VJ Mode 1.5 – A new approach to AV performance!

by Stavros Didakis

VJ Mode 1.5 is an application that is used by VJs and visualists for creating visual shows in clubs, venues, festivals, and so on. In VJ Mode you can use multip...

TouchControl – Wireless Control for Ableton Live & M4L

by Cycling '74

Author: Christian Blomert TouchControl combines the advantages of Max 4 Live and TouchOSC to create an automapping control interface for Ableton Live that runs...


by zeal

AXIS is an application for Windows and OSX that allows an Xbox Guitar Hero controller to be played as a musical instrument while simultaneously controlling any ...

Livid block and Ohm64 controllers

by Peter Nyboer

Author: Livid Instruments MIDI controllers supported with a variety of Max/MSP/Jitter patches for audio and video. Editor, examples, synthesizer, sampler, and ...

Controller for Ableton Live with Max for Live as interface

by Julien Bayle

I needed my own controller for Ableton Live. I built it in a diy mind and I'm using max for live as an interface between Ableton Live and the hardware.