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Projects: real-time


by Roberto Mucchiut

First Swiss execution of Mixtur (Karlheinz Stockhausen 1964), for orchestra, 4 sine-wave generators, and 4 ring modulators (

All in one: Kinect Video Music Lighting Jockey – Kivimulij

by PereVicalet

All in one, is a project for investigating how powerfully can be M4L with implementation of all multiple possibilities. This is a brief demonstration of its pos...


by André Rangel

While listening to a 2 minutes music composition, users scalp-electrical-activity disturbs the curve of a spiral.


by André Rangel

Experiment for visualization and sonification of voltage fluctuations along the scalp. Particle systems and noise generators modulated by oscillators were co...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

Designed for the musician who is either in a hurry, bored with tweaking parameters and/or extremely lazy. It takes the decision-making out of sound selection...

Fragile Territories

by Robert Henke

Installation for four white lasers and sound Powerful laser beams draw a floating white object on a thirty meter wide and six meter high wall in a completely...

The First Twenty Years

by Tobias Rosenberger

Multimediale installation Pavel Gudimov Art Center Ya Gallery Kiev Organized on the initiative and in partnership with Goethe-Institut in Ukraine Curated b...

VW – Amarok Pikap : Interactive Percussion Playing Pickup

by alp tugan

Filika (Istanbul) designed and produced an Interactive Percussion Playing Car for Volkswagen's breathtaking pickup Amarok. Several sensors were implemented ...

Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation)

by Duffield

Presented at the Ontario College of Art and Design 2011 Thesis Show. A modified version was presented at Videodrome 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian ...


by Rocky G

Operations is a computer generated audiovisual solo performance piece. The starting point for this piece is the programming of traditional drum machine grid ...

Point Ones (for augmented conductor and ensemble)

by alexanderschubert

For augmented conductor small ensemble (violin, cello, saxophone/clarinet, e-guitar, drum kit, piano and conductor) In Point Ones the conductor is equipped w...

hiddenTouch – vibration enriched telecommunication

by vandeloow

hiddenTouch - Bachelor Project by Martin Feigel Motivation Of all the human senses, touch is perhaps the most pervasive. In the mobile electronics industry,...


by ooeevv

"Real-time audio-video performer" Flute: Pablo Selnik Programming and Music: Marco Domenichetti, Dènys Sanz Video: Albert Rafart

Reactrix 1.0 (Real-time interactive visuals manipulator patch)

by messengerboymedia

A real-time keystroke-dependent visuals manipulator, based on... mathematically layering... a repeating matrix... and noise... or something, I'm not really sure...

Linear interpolation Particle Synthesizer

by jinkukim

Sample Morph(Linear Interpolation) Particle Synthesizer It is a granular synthesizer that built with Max5 and cSound(Based on Partikkel Opcode) The Envel...


by kyleevans1123

de/Rastra - The de/Rastra oscillographic synthesizer is a real-time audio/video instrument and computer-interfacing device tha...

an interactive video improvisation for multi-percussion and computer

by Chow Shern

My first time using Jitter for thie project. Bascially what I did is that, I clipped the webcam at the performer's music stand and using the external usb cable ...

Jitter Fractals

by bertrandfraysse

The image creation relies on a video feedback loop with rotation, zooming, position displacement and contrast/luminosity/saturation modifications. The input is ...

LFO 2.0 for Ableton Live

by Julien Bayle

One year ago, it was the first efficient LFO officially supported (by us) for Ableton Live and it has a been liked & used by a lot of people. With LFO ...

Springs Period – Petal Ignited

by greg reeves

"Petal Ignited" is the first release by Springs Period. This is heavily improvised abstract electronic music with a free-jazz bent (Cecil Taylor was a big influ...

Harmonic Architect

by Al Thumm

Additive harmonic sound design :: features :: Create unique sounds from scratch Draw in a graph of up to 100 harmonics with graphic amplitude control for...

Freq In Freq Out!

by Al Thumm

Realtime effects processor for recording and performance   :: features :: Audio input effects and recording -- mics, guitars, keyboards -- apply e...

Square Bender

by Al Thumm

QWERTY trigger-pad sampler with fluid audio manipulation   :: Features :: Trigger-pad sampling with the QWERTY (alphabet) keyboard Drag-and-Dro...


by Al Thumm

Four channel DJ Audio / Sound design performance with a 4-way crossfader   :: features ::  4 channels of simultaneous audio playback and loopin...