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Projects: synthesizer

CRONE: Polyphonic textural comb drone synth

by Peter McCulloch

CRONE is a comb-filter-based polyphonic drone synthesizer.  It uses pulse waves and noise to excite comb filters; stereo lowpass filters shape and pan the soun...

Blooming Palace

by Al Thumm

Multi-waveform Theremin   :: features :: Theremin-style pitch gliding Four signal types -- sine, saw, rectangle, triangle -- each with independ...

Harmonic Architect

by Al Thumm

Additive harmonic sound design :: features :: Create unique sounds from scratch Draw in a graph of up to 100 harmonics with graphic amplitude control for...

Freq Mod

by Al Thumm

Flexible and in-depth frequency modulation synthesis   :: features :: Frequency modulation synthesis Two frequency modulation structures that c...

Fertile Grounds

by Al Thumm

Back to basics subtractive synthesizer :: features ::  Polyphonic subtractive synthesis Multiple signal types -- tone and noise generators that ca...

Hive of Drones

by Al Thumm

Create and perform textured beds of sound with rich layers of drone :: features ::  Create drone modules -- up to 32 separate modules with individual w...

The Drums Electric

by Al Thumm

Electronic Drum Synthesizer   :: features :: Modular drum synthesis -- 4 different varieties to combine Multiple signal types -- tone and noise g...

Sub-Lime Subsynth

by crispypancakes

Subtractive polyphonic synthesiser with built in reverb, delay and arpeg.  

SmileForLive – Generative FM Synthesizer

by NeZoomie

SmileForLive is a small device that makes tonal glitchy music out of know parameters. Originally built in Max/MSP by Diego Caponera, Nicolò Paternoster and Giu...

liquid rutt-etra

by giorgio

An experiment using Rutt-Etra scan in Jitter on a liquid synth patch. Use 3D glasses.

Peydgentron’s “Obvi EP”

by naetron

Pedrodomus (NYC) and Naetron (ATX) have teamed up under court orders to release a truly metal, glitched-out, rock-solid EP. We've been ordered by "those who s...

Miniak Patch Editor

by willyc

Miniak Patch Editor is an application for creating and managing synthesis patches for the Akai Miniak (and Alesis Micron) synthesiser. It acts as a MIDI control...


by Phijel

This instrument was created as part of our latest interactive dance spectacle “Absorbe-moi” The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with so...


by James Howard Young

TapNTune brings to your desktop something that was until now only available in hardware form: namely, a combination tuner and metronome that runs from a single ...

Scanned Synthesizer

by jobo

A max for live instrument utilizing a physical mass-spring model to create a dynamic wavetable. It features: - four oscillators that can be used in par...

Image Tracking Synthesizer

by wiccy

This project uses a camera to capture real-time image and to track down certain colours objects, then use the position to drive different parameters of a synthe...


by sine

Kapling is a simple little standalone physical modeling synthesizer application for Mac OS X built with Max/MSP 5. It is based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm. ...

Le Synthé V5

by pierrecouprie

Le Synthé V5 is an emulation of the mythic Synthi AKS realized by EMS in 1972.