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Tools: midi

Reactivision TUIO to MIDI patch

by Matthieu Pernaud

  a simple patch who translates the data of 16 fiducials markers into some midi CC and midi note on /note off. it's not rocket science, but can be useful as a startup patch, or can help...


by Guillaume Evrard

OSCKAR is a tool that allows you to quickly use data coming from various hardware devices and network (HI, MIDI, Wacom, Keyboard, OSC, other messages) inside your own patches. It's developed for La Gr...

MIDI UDP LINK – M4L communication via Ethernet

by pro.sec

H! here is a little useful Max4Live patch with a Java external to realize a lightwidth ethernet connection instead MIDI cable.It also works over Wi-Fi. The communication based on the UDP protocol like...

MIDI Monitor – view all incoming MIDI data with JS and LCD

by Peter Nyboer

This small javascript will parse data from midiin and print it out in human readable form in an LCD. It is completely customizable with max messages. Besides its function as a utility, it's a good exa...

Idiron AV Patches

by idiron

Idiron AV is a bespoke Audio/Visual set-up for integrating synchronised visuals with improvisational musical performances and Idiron Soundtrack livesets. It aims to minimise hardware resources used ...

imp.mscdecode – MSC for Max.

by David Butler

imp.mscdecode - Version 1.0 An abstraction for decoding MIDI Show Control commands from the original SysEx into a human (and Max) readable form. Allows you to build MSC capability into your patches, ...

matrix midi mapper

by dodgeroo

These are three 16X16 matrix patches that allow you to map midi input into max by moving a fader or pressing a key.


by ludwig_sears

This handy little machine automatically assigns MIDI control numbers and channels to your synths or DAWs, to aid in their programming. You can set it either to assign consecutive control-numbers on th...


by stefantiedje

Your computer keyboard as Midi keyboard.


by stefantiedje

My favorite Midi monitor, can't live without it. On request I will send sources. I just have to check if and how to complete the St.ools with subpatchers used in those collectives


by topher lafata

midiparty is an mxj class which parses midi files and spits them out in either textual or raw format. Right now the demo file is very messy but you will get the idea.It is a work in progress. Good int...


by Francois Weber

Compare MIDI value to screen and cue value. If MIDI data (first inlet) is equal (+/- 1) to screen value (2nd inlet), then MIDI pass through.


by jhno

mmparse converts motormix MIDI into fader/knob/button messages in Max/MSP. mmformat converts fader/knob/button messages into MIDI.