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Tools: utility

Big Search Path

by Timothy Place

A larger version of max's search-path inspector so you can see more of the path and add more search-paths. (ca. 2001) This is no longer needed as of Max 5.


by Darwin Grosse

velocity amplitude scaler


by Darwin Grosse

Objects to parse and control the Motormix.


by Joshua Kit Clayton

reports free memory. OS 9 only


by Jeremy Bernstein

rotates any input across numerous outlets (last update: 13 August 2006)


by topher lafata

Example of using Java to control LCD to make an interactive file browsing widget.


by Jeremy Bernstein

determine if a pattr-named object exists or not


by jhno

message router like matrix~ (scripting)


by martinrobinson

extends Emmanuel Jordan's ej.function.js to enable editing of curves between breakpoints, compatible with curve~. Requires ejies to be installed ( Now works with ejies 1.57...


by Marcel Wierckx

lets you store settings from all your sub- or bpatchers in one handy location. It can handle ints, floats and symbols as well as lists


by klaus filip

abstraction, that divides an octave to any amount of tones (output==frequency)


by stefantiedje

My favorite Midi monitor, can't live without it. On request I will send sources. I just have to check if and how to complete the St.ools with subpatchers used in those collectives


by Leo van der Veen

Record a stream of int/float/lists or even symbols to output them later in a specified amount of time.


by jhno

file searching

Pluggo File Handling

by Darwin Grosse

Pluggo File Handling