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komak touchmid

by komak

This is a touchpad to MIDI continuous controller for apple macbook pro, may work with the magic trackpad too. I use it to control tree x/y cc with fingers. ...


by Stefano Scarani

Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner Biomechanics sybil, cyborg-priestess, of this world and this time, Casfandra, the oracle, probe into the past, look at ...


by Garrett

Netscapes is an automated application which uses live feeds from networked webcams to create combined and imagined landscape compositions, networked landscapes....


by Wojciech Morawski

Melon is simple midi router (which works on OS X) extending possibilities of Akai LPD8. It’s free and ready to use with MaxMSP Runtime. It gives you: - on...


by .at/on

14circles is a max4live device pack that contains 4 devices: "Circle" - is a very powerful granular/looper. Those who used radiaL can find Circle device ver...

rnd manager / an alternative score display utility

by rodolphebourotte

rndmanager is the name for an external written in C for MAX/MSP 5. The idea is to allow for a different style of music notation system, which can be altered ...


by ernestoceccodortona

Create and record wobbles.

Procedural Audio and Binauralisation Using Max/MSP and the Unity3D Game Engine

by Hunter Knight

Despite the reliance on procedurally generated (aka “generative”) audio techniques in early video game consoles, the nearly two-decades that have passed sin...


by Sebastian Lexer

Recent technology suggests the possibility to find a different mode of interaction with the technology. The piano+ is exploring a close relationship between the...

pucktronix.golgi. apparatus

by surgesg

pucktronix.golgi.apparatus is a cellular automata-based music sequencer application, with OSC output. The interface is divided into two parts - the “world...

Kinect DJ Maxx

by romaindumaine

"Because the computer removes you from your body, the body should be strongly engaged. Because the computer's activity takes place on the tiny playing fields of...


by Lawrence King

The CTM4 (Colour Tracking Music for Four Colours) was created as my final major project for a BSc Music Technology degree, completed in May 2011. I originally...

Replayer: real-time melody morphing

by jayhardesty

This Max-for-Live device lets the user morph a melody in real-time between up to four existing melodies. A video can be viewed here:

Fraktal Glass Bead Game: interactive installation

by eufrasio prates

The "Fraktal Glass Bead Game" installation is inspired on Hermann Hesse's famous book "The Glass Bead Game", where an advanced civilization had a group of gif...


by Rui Caldas

WiiDrum is an virtual drum. It uses MIDI messages to control the drums sounds, but it's design to be used with the Wii Drum Controller from Guitar Hero 5, becau...


by Venetian

B-Keeper is a software system that synchronises Ableton Live to the beat of a drummer. Currently, many bands in the studio and at gigs use click tracks cons...

Pathline #1

by Ulvs Blakk

Pathline #1 is a Visual Music project based on digital noises, soundscape improvisations and generative graphics. The audience’s expectations are mislead by t...

A big max5 permanent installation supporting Meditteranean Cinema

by Julien Bayle

Design the Media & I have been targeted & approached about a big Max5 installation project for a permanent exhibition (check this post) I made it! ...

Miniak Patch Editor

by willyc

Miniak Patch Editor is an application for creating and managing synthesis patches for the Akai Miniak (and Alesis Micron) synthesiser. It acts as a MIDI control...

Running Expressions

by jpbellona

Running Expressions is a real-time performance composition for heart-rate monitor, two Nintendo Wiimotes, and two dual-axis accelerometers. By capturing live ...

Phonosynthesis: Sound Bouquet

by Dobrivoje

Sound Bouquet is an interactive sound sculpture placed in an urban public space polluted by noise. It enriches the public space by creating new sound material (...

I Am A Painter

by owen lloyd

I am a Painter is a film piece with an indeterminate structure that edits itself according to a simple set of rules. It uses short clips from cine films that my...


by trustygoch

This work implements camera vision utilizing an overhead camera and frame differencing to manipulate sound based on people's motion and acceleration in space.


by Mike

TellDarwin is a command interpreter for DARwIn-OP robot that allows users to easily control the robot wirelessly with Max/MSP/Jitter. TellDarwin allows users to...

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