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Projects: instrument

drawn only once: the music of john supko performed by due east

by supko

In drawn only once, Due East (Erin Lesser, flutes / Greg Beyer, percussion) features two of John Supko’s multimedia projects, Littoral and This Window Mak...

Peydgentron’s “Obvi EP”

by naetron

Pedrodomus (NYC) and Naetron (ATX) have teamed up under court orders to release a truly metal, glitched-out, rock-solid EP. We've been ordered by "those who s...


by Jeffrey Krieger

Videocello is electric cello and interactive computer performance with video and sound celebrating the collaborative efforts between composers, media artists an...

Lumisonic Synaesthetics

by spacestrings

Here is a run through of the setup for the laser controlled music thingy! This is not how it sounds as it is just ticking over whilst I am filming and when I do...

Crossword of Sound – Crossole

by Sang Won Lee

Crossole is a meta-instrument that allows you to control music in high level. The word "Crossole" is a portmanteau of "crossword" and "so-lee(소리)" which, in...


by Phijel

This instrument was created as part of our latest interactive dance spectacle “Absorbe-moi” The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with so...

Cause Unfold Proceed

by Phillip Schulze

Limited Edition of 500. Double Vinyl. CD. Photo Edition. Postcard. Information Material. This edition outlines five different electro-acoustic solo works ba...

Les Ondes Memorielles

by stefantiedje

Les Ondes Memorielles is an electronic instrument, which has a memory, and some controls to play it back. It is an ongoing project since the nineties of the las...


by Mark Breedlove

Cutupsampler performs a cut-up of a sound file and maps the various cuts to keys on a MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard. Cutupsampler is about embracing unp...

Large Hadron Sound Collider

by Puck86

The idea was to use the experiments and data from the Large Hadron Collider as inspiration for creating a new virtual instrument - so you can actually 'play' t...

Density {Mac/Win Granular Synthesis}

by scarbo

Density is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous granular synthesis sound file granulation, to generate a wide range of effects: time/pitch shift...

Max for Live Wiimote Instrument

by naetron

Made this vid to demo a max for live device my evil twin made. He's not really British. He just thinks it gives him street cred.

Winduino II

by Cycling '74

Author: Jason Warriner The Winduino II is a wireless, digital version of an Aeolian harp that can be listened to on its own or used as accompaniment for other ...