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Projects: interactive

Quantized Audio Splicer (Tutorial #1)

by messengerboymedia

A simple patch/tutorial showing you how to splice an audio file into 4 parts, and trigger these different parts via the numbers "1" through "4" on your computer...

Variations II Of Variations II(Mapping In motion)

by jinkukim

Projection mapping on Moving objects and music composition inspired by John Cage Variations II of Variations II is a kinetic sculpture inspired by John Cage'...

Organ of the Forest

by Al Thumm

:: features :: A beautifully crusty organ sound ADSR envelope MIDI or QWERTY note input Easy MIDI mapping of controls and effects Master effects ...

Word Sequencer

by Justin Sheriff

I go to Berklee College of Music and major in Electronic Production and Design. Last summer I began to work earnestly, entirely on my own, designing a word seq...

Installation > “Painting Wall”

by touk

Painting Wall is a participative vidéo composition. You move in front of the wall to draw picture, your body is like a pencil. The artist, it’s you ! P...

«Körperfelder» an interactive audiovisual installation

by michel8

«Körperfelder» (Body Fields) by Michel Winterberg invites the viewer into a playful interaction: The exploratory movements of his hands and arms causes a v...

Polar Pattern Creator

by Brian H.

A demonstration of how a virtual directional pattern can be created and controlled by the combination of 2 different mics...Or, how to roll-your-own polar patte...

Harmonic Architect

by Al Thumm

Additive harmonic sound design :: features :: Create unique sounds from scratch Draw in a graph of up to 100 harmonics with graphic amplitude control for...

MIDI Merlin

by Randy George

Attention Friends: The next iteration of MIDI Merlin, version 2.0, will be a commercial release and it will no longer be free software. As a thank you treat to ...

Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold

by alexanderschubert

Alexander Schubert Your Fox's A Dirty Gold (2011) For solo performer with voice, motion sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics 14'   ...


by Guillaume Evrard

Trombinotron is an interactive installation made by Nicolas Roos and Guillaume Evrard. It allows people to take pictures from themselves. These pictures are ...


by Will Johnson

This is a study in human thought processes of discomfort. The performers have to draw something that makes them as uncomfortable as possible, leading them on th...


by Raja_The_Resident_Asswipe

AN ALIEN TECHNOLOGY: 12 samplers, sample-accurate sequencing, with effects that include stereo delay, vst-loading, and vocoders, 2 resident synths which feed th...


by Jeffrey Krieger

Videocello is electric cello and interactive computer performance with video and sound celebrating the collaborative efforts between composers, media artists an...

Lumisonic Synaesthetics

by spacestrings

Here is a run through of the setup for the laser controlled music thingy! This is not how it sounds as it is just ticking over whilst I am filming and when I do...

Timecode-Vinyl and Kinect – Bureau Del Sol – New Version

by alexanderschubert

New Version of "Bureau Del Sol" For timecode-vinyl, kinect and two musicians.   The live-input of the percussion and saxophone is the (only) sourc...

komak touchmid

by komak

This is a touchpad to MIDI continuous controller for apple macbook pro, may work with the magic trackpad too. I use it to control tree x/y cc with fingers. ...

Replayer: real-time melody morphing

by jayhardesty

This Max-for-Live device lets the user morph a melody in real-time between up to four existing melodies. A video can be viewed here:

Fraktal Glass Bead Game: interactive installation

by eufrasio prates

The "Fraktal Glass Bead Game" installation is inspired on Hermann Hesse's famous book "The Glass Bead Game", where an advanced civilization had a group of gif...

A big max5 permanent installation supporting Meditteranean Cinema

by Julien Bayle

Design the Media & I have been targeted & approached about a big Max5 installation project for a permanent exhibition (check this post) I made it! ...

Phonosynthesis: Sound Bouquet

by Dobrivoje

Sound Bouquet is an interactive sound sculpture placed in an urban public space polluted by noise. It enriches the public space by creating new sound material (...


by trustygoch

This work implements camera vision utilizing an overhead camera and frame differencing to manipulate sound based on people's motion and acceleration in space.


by micrography

"Inserting pieces of actual reality often removes the magic of virtual reality." - Aaron Ben-Ze'ev (2004, Love Online: Emotions on the Internet) FacebookL...

Crossword of Sound – Crossole

by Sang Won Lee

Crossole is a meta-instrument that allows you to control music in high level. The word "Crossole" is a portmanteau of "crossword" and "so-lee(소리)" which, in...