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by langsound

This patch allows for fast changes of delay time without clicks or transposition.   The help file includes some examples of how this patch might be controlled.  Specific examples include beat shuff...

emj.randelay 2

by emj_antonin

emj.randelay is a max4live stereo delay with two selectable random modes. the 2.0 version use a gen~ object, so it is suitable only for max 6 users. Random Delay Mode 1 ---> Fixed Random Range (D...



This is a JavaScript scrollbar object modeled after the scrollbar that Cycling '74 uses in a number of their objects (such as jit.cellblock or detonate).

MIDI and OSC Mapper v3

by Al Thumm

One-click mapping for MIDI devices Simple 'no-patching' mapping for OSC devices Ideal for building performance and production user interfaces. This is the mapping system used for all Lamplight F...

Markov Utility

by Anthony Palomba

Tired of trying to figure out markov states changes in your head? Then this handy utility is just what you need. It reads and writes data sets (text files) that contain state information as well as da...

video trigger max4live

by yopla

béta version of a video trigger for max4live  

Shruthi-1 Editor

by smugrik

This is an editor for Mutable Instrument's Shruthi-1 DIY synth. It is in version 1.0.0: Supports all the synth parameters and all the Shruthi-1 filter boards as of Shruthi-1 firmware 0.97 It ...

Preset Files Loader

by Err0r_500

Here's a tool that accomplishes the simple tasks to save, "save as" and reload preset files using umenu and pattrstorage. Since it was more tricky and took me a few more hours than I was expecting,...


by Pierre Guillot

Hoa Library is a collection of C++ classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to high order ambisonic sound reproduction. It‘s totally free and made availlable by CICM, a research center bi-localized betw...

Jamoma Modular

by jamoma

Jamoma Modular is the Max implementation of the various frameworks developped within the Jamoma project. It offers Max users More than 100 high level powerful modules for audio, video, and data pr...

Multi Object Gen

by Tony Doyle

Utility for creating multiple objects with unique id's.


by Raja_The_Resident_Asswipe

A monster max patch(with dynamically allocated CPU) containing basic demonstrations of objects and techniques for 'sampling' in Max/MSP, organized for easy copy and pasting. It is designed to be expli...

dp.kinect: external using Microsoft Kinect SDK

by diablodale

dp.kinect is a native external for the Kinect which can be used within the Cycling ’74 Max development environment to control and receive data from your Microsoft Kinect. Full details, beta re...

Binary, And not Binary, Counter

by robertobecerra

So… I want to use Jitter to create objects and distribute them in the visual virtual space, and I need to create matrices with as many locations as objects I want to display. These objects are to...

Digital Orchestra Toolbox

by Joe Malloch

This “toolbox” is a collection of Max/MSP abstraction that we have found useful in the IDMIL for creating gesture processing patches for digital musical instruments. Each abstraction is accompanie...


by crx091081gb

This is an external I made for communicating via XBee in Max. It uses the RXTX library in mxj to access the serial port and Andrew Rapp's excellent java XBee library to do the heavy lifting. You n...

jpg from mov

by Samuel Freeman

to export one image from a movie file at the native size of that movie file: 1: drop movie file 2: getdim 3: find frame to export 4: exportimage


by bronzebygold

Quasi-Granulizer is not a granular synthesizer, but it works on similar principles. Quasi-Granulizer slices buffered audio into large grains which can be repeated at random (but constrained) intervals...


by tenman

This is a very, very specific little utility used to control two Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro's from a single FCB1010 in its factory default state. FCB1010 is frustrating in that it can only communi...

lowertone h.elpers

by Wojciech Morawski

We are proud to present our first product: h.elpers! h.elpers is pack of 16 addons for Max/MSP, that should help in faster and easier prototyping and learning. h.elpers consist of: h.cpu~ ...

jit grab iidc

by Samuel Freeman

by sdf 2009-2012 Made in Max 5 specifically for the iSight camera, this utility patch gives quick access to some of the IIDC parameters of that camera.  The matrix output of jit.qt.grab is connect...


by Pierre Guillot

PG.LIBRARY All the libraries are available at the website : Dag Library is a collection of C classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to data analyse and generation. dag.averag...


by TatsuyaOGs

smoothingXY patcher is Simple Moving Average. Left inlet = X or list(X, Y) Right inlet = Y Augment = n X' = (X1 + X2 + X3 ... Xn) / n Y' = (Y1 + Y2 + Y3 ... Yn) / n Outlet = list(X', Y')

Evolution UC-33e Midi Controller Max Connector

by Michael Cheung

The uc-33_midicontrol.pat implements a connection between Max 5 and the Evolution UC-33e Midi Interface. Usage: Place both [uc-33_midicontrol.maxpat] and [js uc-33.js] into the Max 5 directory a...