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Code counter used in Expo ’74 Presentation

by Mattijs

By popular request: the object counter I use to count objects and patch cords of my patches. Used for my presentation at Expo '74 2011. Works with Max 5 and Max 6.

Expo ’74: Using Max as an Extended Technique of Your Acoustic Instrument

by Michael Sperone

Many composers of the 20th and 21st century – in order to create a new music, and a new sound – have developed a range of extended techniques such as multiphonics, “growls”, “pops”, slides...


by klaus filip

ppooll is a networking system between max-patches. 100 ready made modules offer a audio live performance tool and also can interact with your own patches.

21st Century Max/MSP/Jitter Comix

by Maurice Methot

A set of five volumes, in comic book format, intended to introduce electronic music and inter-disciplinary thinking to students at the middle and high school levels (or for anyone who loves experiment...

JRuby for Max

by Adam Murray

Ruby scripting support for Max/MSP and Max for Live. Runs on the JVM via Max's mxj object and JRuby (so you can use Java APIs and script Java code too). This provides an alternative extension p...

Live spectral processing: patches for Expo ’74 NYC 2011

by Jean-Francois Charles

These are 10 patches I prepared for the workshop “Live spectral processing” I gave at Expo ’74 in New York City on October 16th, 2011. Includes 5 audio freeze patches, 4 phase vocoder patches, ...

Expo ’74 Max for Live devices

by Darwin Grosse

Max for Live devices from my Expo '74 workshop with Matthew Davidson and Dennis DeSantis.

Expo ’74 Convolution / HISSTools Materials

by AlexHarker

The slides and patches from the expo workshop, plus the beta builds of HISSTools Impulse Response Toolkit (mac + windows). Please contact with any questions/bugs/thoughts. Enj...

Expo ’74 Gen patches

by Darwin Grosse

Patches from my presentation at Expo '74 in Brooklyn.

Making A Slick Max Standalone presentation from Expo ’74 workshop

by Dan Nigrin

These are the slides used for the presentation I made at Cycling's Expo '74 in New York on October 15, 2011, titled "Making A Slick Max Standalone: Tips and Tricks." Many people that create Max sta...

Arduino examples from Expo ’74 workshop

by Scott Fitzgerald

Notes, slides, patches, and sketches from the Expo '74 workshop on Arduino + Max. Did you know Arduino comes with Max patches! in the Arduino IDE, look at the File>Examples>4.Communication example...

Expo ’74 gen~ examples

by Gregory Taylor

Here are a few simple example patches used in my Expo '74 presentation.

smoother values from arduino analog

by balam

value smoother from  arduino analog output  ( 0 - 1024) vizzie friendly   use 1 module per  analog output.   this module does not connect a  arduino board  to max ,  is ...


by damiantaylor

Woodpecker creates fast 16th note midi sequences from your keyboard input. It's designed to allow you to bring this very electronic feel into a live ensemble, free of set tempos and click tracks. Ther...


by Ben Carey

bc.granulator-stereo.maxpat and bc.granulator-surround.maxpat stereo and 5-Channel surround soundfile granulators screenshot here Notes on the patches -       Both patches are essent...


by Toshiro Yamada

sa.function extends the original function to allow bezier curves. Curviture points can be dragged independently to create any curve. sa.function is not completely backward compatible with the orig...


by Timo Rozendal

vt is an external for max/msp is a mix between [send]/[receive], [grab] and [value] with some extra functionality. It can be easily voiced and it even improves the communication between different devi...


by atomwrath

KeyLearnKnob is a patch/clip that can be used to quickly map a key(s) to control your patch. Features one click to learn a new key button, toggle or  increment/decrement modes output range...


by mzed

This is a little abstraction that could handle the logic for a mixer-style solo button. It was a bit of a logic puzzle to figure out, although the result is pretty simple. The idea is to connect the...


by Timo Rozendal

diracLE~ is a high quality realtime timestretching and pitchshifting external. It is based on the DIRAC LE algorithm by DSP Dimension. It can playback from a buffer~ with no latency, in streaming m...

earplay 1.1

by Malcolm Braff

when i improvise solos or duos, i often like to do harmonic modulations, using a note from the improvised melody as pivot . so here is an ear training patch using that same idea. the patch needs vb...


by primitives osc~

oscsynchronize and granular


by Travis Kaufman

My first MaxMSP External, this object uses the Euclidean algorithm to determine the Greatest Common Divisor between two integers. I really just made it to get my feet wet with writing externals, but i...

The sadam Library

by $Adam

A set of externals for different tasks, among others: Data compression (LZO compression/decompression, base64 encoding/decoding) XML processing (DOM, SAX, RapidXML) Synthesis (Additive, Subs...

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