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PM.Pong and PM.%

by Peter McCulloch

PM.Pong does for floats/ints/lists what pong~ does for signals.  It's a handy way of constraining values within a range, and would be suitable for arpeggiators, etc.  PM.Pong also has an extra fold ...

by is an interactive networked multimedia performance environment invented and developed by composer and computer musician Georg Hajdu. It enables up to five performers to play music over the...



MaxScore provides standard western music notation in Max/MSP and Ableton Live MaxScore is a Max object which accepts messages that can create a musical score, add notes to it, transform the notes, ...

MIDI UDP LINK – M4L communication via Ethernet

by pro.sec

H! here is a little useful Max4Live patch with a Java external to realize a lightwidth ethernet connection instead MIDI cable.It also works over Wi-Fi. The communication based on the UDP protocol like...

MIDI Monitor – view all incoming MIDI data with JS and LCD

by Peter Nyboer

This small javascript will parse data from midiin and print it out in human readable form in an LCD. It is completely customizable with max messages. Besides its function as a utility, it's a good exa...


by Chris Rolfe

A Max external object that returns the unique Macintosh serial number (visible in System Profiler). Equivalent to running the following command in system_profiler SPHardwareDataT...


by Graham Wakefield

Cosm is an integrated collection of extensions to Max/MSP/Jitter to assist the construction of navigable, sonified, complex virtual worlds, and has been designed to facilitate use in CAVE-like environ...

Searchtweet – Design patches that respond to twitter posts.

by Gokce Kinayoglu

Update: Version 1.1b is available to download. Version 1.0 and 1.1 do not work anymore due to changes in Twitter's API. Searchtweet is a mxj external that searches twitter with a given keyword and ...

Unauthorized BroadCast

by andrea agostini

A small set of externals aimed to ease the transmission of audio signals between different MaxForLive devices. Mac only, at least for the moment, but sources are included.


by Olivier Pasquet

Speech and phoneme recognition and segmentation. Recognize is a speech to text based on Sphinx4. It translates the incoming audio signal into text and can give dates of words and phonemes in a buff...

Modal Object Library

by V.J.

The Modal Object Library is a collection of objects and abstractions to control and define modality in Max. Objects allow for the quick creation and implementation of diatonic scales and chords, h...


by V.J.

The EAMIR Software Development Kit (SDK) allows users to build their own custom composition and performance applications for use with just about any control interface. This kit contains modular p...

jit.artkmulti – ARToolkit for Max/MSP

by cap10subtext

The popular ARToolkit library has been ported to work with Max/MSP+Jitter. This simple 4 marker object is released under the GPL License and available from Aranar Productions. For more information a...

arlab. objects

by cap10subtext

Created out of a desire to turn Max/MSP into a rapid prototyping environment for AR/MR/VR, we built upon the Cosm objects allowing us to quickly adapt Max to collect and interpret tracking data from o...

jasch objects v 0.5

by jasch

A suite of over 100 externals extending the MaxMSP environment. The jasch objects library was first published in 2002. Since then it has grown to cover such diverse uses as: - 3D geometry - cur...

Launchpad Abstractions

by Miller

Max abstractions for working with the Novation Launchpad. Basically these wrap the functions described in the Launchpad Programmer's Reference in easy-to-use messages so that you don't have to worry a...

fiddle~ 1.2 + bonk~ 1.3 win externals

by zigzag

Due to many requests in forums, here are ports of fiddle~ v.1.2 + bonk~ v.1.3 for the windows platform using Max/MSP MaxSDK-5.1.6 The code & OSX externals is by Ted Apel (


by laonikoss

A few useful abstractions I've created to help me out in my everyday patching. Some simple and some not-so-simple stuff, just a little something. Here's a brief description of the contents (more de...

Idiron AV Patches

by idiron

Idiron AV is a bespoke Audio/Visual set-up for integrating synchronised visuals with improvisational musical performances and Idiron Soundtrack livesets. It aims to minimise hardware resources used ...


by Rob Ramirez

Jit-Ogre is a Jitter external which embeds the functionality of the open source Ogre3D rendering engine, and exposes it to the Max environment. This enables you to export models from several 3D modeli...

sc-max windows port of some supercollider ugens to maxmsp.

by zigzag

A collection of windows externals of the freeware sc-max library (used to be OSX-only) provided by Stephen Lumenta) (MAX SDK used: 5.1.6)

imp.mscdecode – MSC for Max.

by David Butler

imp.mscdecode - Version 1.0 An abstraction for decoding MIDI Show Control commands from the original SysEx into a human (and Max) readable form. Allows you to build MSC capability into your patches, ...

[mxj filesys], v0.2.5

by Patrick Delges

filesys is a Java class to move, remove or rename a file. It can also create an new folder, remove an empty folder and check the existence of a file. And thanks to Peter Nyboer from Livid, it is a...

sfmarkers~, v0.4.2

by Patrick Delges

sfmarkers~ returns the list and number of markers defined in a sound file. The position of the markers is available in ms or samples. It works with WAVE and AIFF files. Older versions also accept sdII...

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