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Analyze and Track Live Video

Cyclops by Eric Singer (Code Artistry LLC) is a Max object for analyzing and tracking live video in real time.

Through a simple interface, you can track performers and users with a video camera and analyze greyscale and color information from the live image. You can use the resulting Cyclops data to control MIDI, audio, video and anything else that you can do in Max.

Cyclops Applications

  • track dancers or other performers on stage
  • interact with users in interactive installations
  • create video-tracking-based musical instruments and performance interfaces
  • create non-invasive user interfaces

How Cyclops Works

Cyclops receives live video from a QuickTime input source and analyzes each frame of captured video in real-time. It divides the image area into a grid of rectangular zones and analyzes the zones for greyscale, threshold, difference (motion) and color. Cyclops allows you to specify the grid resolution, target zones for analysis and indicate the type of analysis to be performed in each zone. Cyclops outputs messages for each analyzed video frame that can be used to trigger any Max processes or control any patch parameters.

Cyclops 1.4 Features

  • Mac OS X support
  • easy-to-use GUI for specifying zones, analysis modes and tracking colors
  • eight analysis modes (four greyscale and four color modes)
  • sampling mode captures color data from the image for color matching analysis
  • simple and efficient message output format
  • works with most QuickTime input hardware (video capture cards, USB and FireWire)
  • saves all settings with your patch
  • compatibility with Jitter, with the included jit.cyclops object

Cyclops Help Window

Here is a portion of the Cyclops object’s help file showing the commands you can use to control image tracking.

Video Window Input Mode

Here you can see two examples of the Cyclops video window in input mode, showing the tracking zones superimposed agains the live video input source.


Video Window Color Mode

In color mode, the video window registers the average color information for each zone.


Palette Window


Cyclops 2010, Code Artistry LLC. All rights reserved.