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With Gen, you can create powerful Audio, Video, or Jitter Matrix objects without leaving the comfort of Max. Gen expands your ability to experiment, develop, and create in ways you’ve never imagined.

Create custom tools to distort, color, and manipulate video.

Gen allows you to quickly patch together sophisticated image processes with a minimum of effort.
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"Using the Gen add-on has allowed me to experiment with video processes at the most elemental level; in doing so, I've found subtleties that allow me to create work that integrates with the movement of the dancers and the work of the choreographer."
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Experience new audio possibilities with low-level tools and high-resolution audio.

Realize new sounds and processes without having to learn a programming language.
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"I use Max for nearly all of my music making and it never ceases to surprise and inspire me. The addition of Gen in Max 6 has given me the ability to get 'under the hood' and bridge that gap between native objects and external programming."
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Generate code and take it with you.

Gen quickly converts what you build visually into efficient compiled code as you go. Now you can take the generated code and use it outside of Max with Code Export.
* Quickly prototype code visually
* Generate C++ audio DSP code with gen~
* Generate GLSL image processing shaders with
* Use generated code in VST plugins, WebGL, and more
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