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Generate Audio

Create advanced synths and samplers and sculpt the sound and behavior you want.

Gen has all the basic building blocks you need to build sweet sounding synths, complex sample manipulators, noisy instruments and more. Work directly with low-level operations to get efficient, powerful sounds out of Max.

Read the sample and loop discussion Try a patch-a-day

Expand your sound palette with unlimited filter creation tools.

Finally create single-sample delay feedback filters, physical modeling algorithms, or feedback-driven FM synthesis with the history operator in Gen. For larger delays, there is a delay operator in gen~ that also allows for feedback. Gen opens up sound possibilities that previously required building a custom third-party object.

Follow a delay tutorial Get the user-developed filter tool

Implement classic algorithms or develop new ones by combining signal flow and text coding.

The Codebox in Gen lets you easily port code from other audio languages into Max. The GenExpr language is simple, lightweight, and similar enough to common scripting languages that there’s very little extra work involved. With Codebox, Gen is an essential compliment for audio research and experimentation with new DSP ideas. Combine procedural code with data flow to quickly prototype audio code.

Download a user-developed waveshaping tool Use C code in Gen

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