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Max gives you all the tools to create your own music, sound, video, and interactive media applications. You can arrange boxes on a canvas and connect them together to create, experiment, and play.

Discover and connect as you build.

Explore sounds, images, and interfaces in new combinations. Building in Max is a fluid, visual, and immediate process. Instantly see and hear the results with every change you make.
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"I feel like Max is such a good tool for the people that don’t know much about programming and yet still want to have control over the code for their project."
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Expand your music and sound creations without rules.

Build your own world of sound using sample-manipulation, synthesis tools, high-quality filters, spectral processing, real-time recording and playback. Process, resample, slice, and modulate everything in any combination.
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Robert writes music, makes custom Max for Live devices, and creates installations.
"[Max] has the potential to change the way you think about music. Total liberation."
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Create unique visual experiences.

Control visuals with audio, MIDI, or any other data source. Integrate vector graphics, compositing effects, color manipulations, and videos.
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SUE-C uses Max for her live performances and recorded work to animate hundreds of different objects.
"There has never been anything Max was unwilling to let me try."
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Generate stunning 3D graphics.

Create your own 3D worlds, complete with lighting, materials, and multiple cameras. Animate these 3D models in real-time, combine 3D rendering with shader effects, and use the advanced physics engine for animation control.
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"Want to use another? Everyone does that, but we absolutely can't ignore Max and its important part."
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Connect sensors and electronics to create interactive media.

With its ability to communicate with other applications and hardware, Max is the glue that holds your project together.
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"Max is ever-more-forcefully breaking out of electronic music and becoming an attractive instrument for all manners of creative activity."
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Combine controllers, music, lighting, & visuals.

Max has a full suite of tools that allow you to connect music, video, control, and lighting systems together. Integrate standard MIDI or OSC controller devices, or connect custom hardware to control a show unlike any other.
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"Max is the great translator that allows us to speak multiple protocols simultaneously and creates the most versatile control computer, making the programming as creative as the performance."
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