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Audio and Music with Max

Create new sounds and rhythms that behave however you like.

In Max, you have all the tools you need to create your own performances, interactive sound installations, and sound designs. Combine live sampling, synthesis, and sound effects with hardware controllers and generative tools to imagine the music of the future.

Follow a Practical Max tutorial Browse the MSP audio object list

Reach into a massive toolbox of audio manipulation.

With a full range of filters, dynamics effects, pitch-shifters, delays, and all the parts to create your own, you can develop just the sound you like.

Follow the Guitar Processor series Get MSP recipes code

Discover new sounds or recreate classic synths with unlimited synthesis tools.

Combine different oscillators, samples, filters, and effects. Every audio object in Max can be controlled by other audio signals, so you can modulate everything, like an infinite modular synth.

Make your own polyphonic instruments See everyday objects as instruments

Make a collage of sampled sounds.

Max lets you easily record any audio traveling through a patchcord and immediately play back the results. Slice it up, slow it down, granulate, or come up with your own ways to play with recorded audio. Import audio samples to trigger, loop, and manipulate however you like.

Hear from Jamie Lidell Playback from multiple sample points

Explore sonic landscapes with limitless audio routing.

With Max, you can create your own mixers, bussing, and complex audio routing structures by patching it all together. With pre-made tools for surround mixing and a direct connection to your audio hardware, you can create sound that moves through space and experiment with unusual speaker configurations.

Learn about the Morning Line installation Get an audio spatialization matrix tool

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