Annual, renewable subscriptions are available to educational institutions, including those outside the U.S. Even if your school already owns Max 5, the subscription model may be a better direction for your school. Read below to learn more and contact us if there are any questions we haven’t answered.

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How many machines can a single seat of a subscription authorize?

The subscription allows for one authorization per seat, so a user may authorize only one computer.

How does the authorization work for the subscription?

Subscription licenses can be authorized with the standard internet authorization used for regular Max 6 licenses, or with a keyserver.

How long is the subscription?

The duration is one year. The subscription can be renewed and number of copies adjusted annually.

What if my school already owns Max 5?

Purchasing the subscription will not negate your fixed copies of Max 5. You can still authorize Max 5.

Do I get a discount if my school already owns Max 5?

Yes, we will offer discounts for current customers. See below.

Who can use the subscription seats?

The school can allow anyone at the school (teacher, student, computer lab, etc.) to use the seats from the subscription.

What if an upgrade is released during the subscription year?

The school will get all Max upgrades during its subscription year as part of the subscription, so it is not version-specific and the school always has access to the latest features.

Is the subscription version different from the traditional fixed license?

No, the subscription will have the same features and functionality as a fixed Max license.

Are fixed licenses still available for sale?

Yes, schools can purchase a subscription or traditional, fixed licenses. Download the price list for fixed licenses.

Is the subscription available for fewer than 8 seats?

No, eight seats is the minimum purchase.

Subscription Pricing

Number of Seats Annual Price per Max 6 Seat Annual Price per Max 6 Seat + Gen
8-24 $125 $150
25-49 $80 $100
50-99 $60 $75
100+ $40 $50

Loyalty Discount for Current Max 5 Customers

For two years, a school can get a 20% discount based on its existing number of fixed copies. Example:

School X owns 10 fixed copies of Max 5

  • The school wants to move to the subscription model and increase to 25 copies.
  • For the first two years, the costs will be 10 copies @ $64 (includes 20% discount based on existing, fixed copies) + 15 copies @ $80.