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Visual Programming with Max

Create media-rich interactive programs while they run.

Arrange boxes on a canvas and connect them together to create your own unique system. Immediately see and hear the results as you add new pieces to your project and make new connections.

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Connect everything the same way in Max.

Sound, video, control data, and electronics are all just numbers to the computer. With Max we believe in letting you decide what to do with those numbers. Connect sound volume to video, or track the position of objects in a video to control music. Nothing is off-limits.

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Your tools grow along with your creative process.

A lot of Max projects start out simple, with an idea, but continue to grow. Using a patch or performing with it will give you new ideas. You can always add another feature you dreamed up on the way to the show. Copy and paste a new idea from the Max forums and hook it up. As your ideas blossom, your Max patch will stretch to accommodate them.

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There’s a lot to learn in Max, but help is everywhere.

Max provides you with ample support and assistance for its hundreds of objects that do everything from generating sound to physics simulation and hardware interfacing. With a fully functional help file for each Max object, advanced auto-completion, a reference sidebar, in-application tutorials and documentation browser, you are never far from the information you need.

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