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Max For Live

Custom Instruments, Audio Effects, and Midi Effects in Ableton Live

Ready-to-use and Custom Audio Devices

Over 100 well-documented devices, building blocks, and lessons, including many of our much-loved Pluggo plugins. And over 1000 more freely available from a strong community of device builders.

You can edit and customize any device for your own needs or just for fun.
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"With synnack, I seek new ways of making unique sounds. The community does just that by sharing custom devices to turn Ableton Live itself into an instrument."

Add video, hardware control, lighting design and more to your Live set.

Max for Live lets you control lighting, interact directly with hardware devices, and even generate live visuals from inside of a Max for Live device. The most cutting edge performances use Max for Live to connect the music and everything else into a spectacular show.
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"Spending the time to learn and utilize Max For Live truly puts 100% of the power in your own hands as a creative, to directly design, control and shape your own work from start to finish."
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Take command of your entire set with the Live API.

Control your entire Live set from inside a single Max for Live device. The Live API Max objects let you create LFOs for anything, find unique ways to manipulate clip playback, or gather information about anything in the set.
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Expand with Max

Max For Live gives you the devices and crossgrading to Max gives you a new world to explore, including multichannel support, custom application building tools, and extensive video capabilities.
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"So Max was a revelation as I could keep everything open."
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