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Mira automatically connects to Max and mirrors your interface.

It's easy to connect your iPad to Max.

Mira takes care of all the network communication under the hood, so you can start controlling your Max patches right away. Just drop a mira.frame object into your patch, and supported UI objects in that region will show up in Mira.
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Control your Max patches.

Connect Mira to any number of Max patches from a single iPad or create multiple views of a single patch. Mira directly controls your patch without any additional objects. There are no OSC or MIDI messages to wrangle, no external editor, and no extra patching required.

Build a modular control rig from a single patch.

Each mira.frame you add in Max creates a new tabbed view in Mira. Combine multiple mira.frames to create different sets of controls that are available instantly.

Supported Objects

  • button, live.button
  • toggle, live.toggle
  • dial, live.dial
  • slider, live.slider, rslider, multislider, kslider
  •, live.text, live.grid
  • comment
  • panel
  • fpic
  • message box
  • number, flonum, live.numbox
  • gain~, meter~
  • mira.multitouch, mira.motion
  • umenu
  • swatch


  • Automatically control any number of patches from your device
  • New mira.frame objects create viewable regions in your patch
  • Use multiple mira.frames to create any number of tabbed views in Mira
  • Most UI objects in a mira.frame will appear in Mira
  • New mira.multitouch object allows for gestural control
  • New mira.motion object sends accelerometer data from your device
  • Zoom and pan to tweak views on your device
  • Multiple instances of Mira can control a single patch for collaborative performance
  • Works over WiFi or an ad-hoc network