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100,000 Lux

7th November 2012
Dundee, Scotland

100,000 Lux is a fusion of science, visual art and sound design that transformed the exterior of the University of Abertay’s Centre for Excellence building into a mesmerising display of LED lights and generative audio. The light and sound spectacular was created by data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

This data has been used by programmers Erin Michno and Ian Reynolds to create the visual display, along with lecturers David Mactaggart and Antonia Wilmot-Smith from Dundee University who have assisted with concept development and scientific accuracy. The project has also benefited from the expertise of Clare Brennan, Curator at Abertays’ Hannah Maclure Centre and Exhibitions Assistant Raz Ullah, currently studying a Masters degree in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh. Raz has created the dynamic audio piece to accompany the visuals spectacular, helping to bring the 100,000 Lux display to life.

How was MAX used?

MAX/MSP and Jitter were used to track the colour and motion of the light show - the colour data was then routed to various oscillators and sample playback objects to create the reactive audio piece. Note: the samples were all sourced from NASA recordings of Solar activity.

100,000 Lux

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