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AnoTag – Akiba-kei VJ Software

Akihabara Tokyo Japan

AnoTag is a VJ application for Mac. It is originally developed for enhancing VJ style of Akiba-kei Otaku. Akiba-kei VJs prefer to play relevant videos in response to meaning/information/motion in current playing video or music. AnoTag is easy to play videos/images in the same context by choosing a tag. Underscore separated words in a filename are recognised as “tags” of the video by AnoTag.

AnoTag Mac app ver. is available on and AnoTag open source Max patches version is also available on Github.

AnoTag is an abbreviation of Japanese words “Ano Tag de Matteru” which means “Waiting in the tag”, respectfully named after Anime television series “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Waiting in the Summer”.


produced by :
Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega

Planning / Interaction / MaxMSP:

GUI / Graphic / Persona:
Κ (@kakka_NC)

Effector / GEN :
Ω (@cobalt_omega)


How was MAX used?

All this app is entirely designed and patched with Max6.

AnoTag – Akiba VJ Software

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