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Mere (Belgium)

The AudioCubes are smart light emitting blocks that are able to detect each other’s position, location, and distance. They are created by Percussa (

The last couple of years, several applications were developed for the AudioCubes, each focusing on a specific use:

  1. *sound design: evolvor, loopshaper, pluginwrapper
  2. *music composition: improvisor
  3. *live performance: midibridge, deckadance
  4. *creation of interactive applications: flext external for max/msp, C++ SDK, OSC server

How was MAX used?

You can make your own MAX/MSP patches for the AudioCubes using the OSC server or the flext external Percussa developed. IMPROVISOR (music composition app for the audiocubes), and EVOLVOR (sound design app for the audiocubes) were both built in MAX/MSP.


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