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Beyond The Zero Point

10th April 2013
The Bunker, London, UK.

A sphere fountain filled with UV reactive liquid is placed in the middle of a darkened room. The liquid emits light by reacting to UV lights placed in the space. Upon entering the room the visitor perceives the fountain as a hovering green liquid sphere in constant motion. Hydrophones are placed at the bottom of the fountain to capture the sound of the liquid falling back inside the fountain tank. The sound is digitally manipulated and pitched down thirty semitones. The manipulated sound is then played back in the room through a four channel sound system. A 3D model of the sphere fountain that is reacting to the sound transmitted from the hydrophones is streaming online at throughout the duration of the installation.

How was MAX used?

Max was used for the live sound manipulation. Jitter was used to create the 3D model of the sphere fountain and for the streaming over the Internet.

Beyond The Zero Point

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