Emotional Waves

Emotional Waves is a software to create a different representation of the sound. In fact I use this to create my visuals in live or in studio. The concept is very simple, I try to use few parameters and colors to create the emotion of the music, created with another software I made. I’m principally a Sound Designer, so I want an accompanying video that creates the emotions that I want from the music.

Enjoy ;)

How did this project use Max?

Project built entirely with standard Max/MSP Jitter objects.

Do you remember the first Max patch you ever made? What was it?

I remember clearly my first patch with Max/MSP. You know, I discovered Max/MSP in IED Rome three years ago, in Sound Design section. It was love with the software and I tried early to create a patch similar to the music of Alva Noto and Sakamoto (I love those). But honestly it wasn't very good.

How did you come up with this project idea?

I'm principally a Sound Designer, but it's interesting to study the relationship between audio and video. I'm not a real experimentalist, I like to find an emotional design, in fact my visual works are not so complex. But I tried to represent my sound in function of emotions, and I think that the sine waves were the best choice.

What sorts of problems did you have to solve?

If I can be honest, I never had a real problem for this patch. It's simple and clean. Maybe I like very much this project for this reason.

If there were one person who you would want to see your project, who would it be?

Oh my God I don't know how to respond. You know, I am new in "this magic world" of electronic music and audio-reactive visuals. I have many visual artists I like very much. For example Karl Kliem but I can imagine his face watching my project.

At the conclusion of this project were you:
a) exhausted
b) ready to do a new one
c) thinking of ways to expand it
d) [other, please describe]

At the conclusion of this project I was ready to do a new one and thinking of ways to expand it. You know, I usually work at different projects in the same time only because one day I want to do something, one day I want to do other things. I only follow my stream of consciousness.

April 24, 2013 | 11:29 am

amazing and interesting !
I <3

June 5, 2013 | 8:25 am

The music is almost an exact copy of Alva Noto & ryuici Sakamoto’s collaboration (ex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evllPOj0wTo)

June 5, 2013 | 9:44 am

I think that Alva Noto and Sakamoto are better than me, their style is unique. The music video is only a test. I use this audio patch when I want to have fun with piano. :)

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