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I was Fritz Moen

Erik Hedin
october-december 2011

Theater project for the Riksteatret (National touring company of Norway) and theatre MANU (National theatre for sign language).

The play is about a deaf man that spent 18 years in prison for double murderer.

Then they found out that he was innocent.

5 male actors on stage. 2 are deaf and 3 hearing.

All of them are speaking and using sign language.

All of them wear microphones.

All of them are at times acting as Fritz Moen.

Touring all over Norway and playing for an audience of hearing and deaf people.



How was MAX used?

Max/MSP translates audio into DMX. This way an actor can control the light rig with his voice. In the video you can see a deaf actor controlling the light with his voice. I use a LAN-box to get the DMX out of my computer. The idea is to visualize the sound, so that the use of sound and voice in the performance can make sense to a deaf audience.

I was Fritz Moen

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