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12 shows in november 2009 at Copenhagen Music Theatre. 15 shows on tour in Denmark 2010/2011.
Copenhagen, Denmark

INTER_FACE is a multi-media-music-solo performance created and played by /thomas_sandberg.

INTER_FACE is investigating the boundaries between the human being and technology and in particular the interactive possibilities connected to this relationship.
The only performer on stage is Thomas Sandberg with his laptop and a variety of electronic gadgets such as a USB Dance Mat and an iPhone communicating with the software on a local WIFI network.

How was MAX used?

Max is running INTER_FACE on a Macbook Pro on stage with the performer. Sound is recorded through Fireface 800 and video is grabbed via the built-in camera and via a camera placed on a stand on stage. The Max patch is developed for this particular performance and it is used for grabbing, recording, looping and processing video and audio. All sound and video is created live. No prerecorded audio or video footage is used. Open GL objects are used for the video part and Touch OSC is used for the iPhone.


Dec 11, 2011 at 1:34pm

I’d like to watch you live, Thomas!


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