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Just Intonation Toolkit


The Just Intonation Toolkit is a very simple free resource that allows musicians to hear and play intervals other those found in equal temperament tuning system. Various existing systems of just intonation can be selected and then played either with the computer keyboard, a MIDI keyboard, or from an external application.

The intervals can be played as zither sounds, organ sounds, piano sounds, or sine tones. You can also specify your own intervals and save the resulting intonation system as a preset.

There are several tuning systems built in:

  • La Monte Young’s Well Tuned Piano (1973 tuning)
  • Harry Partch’s 43 tone system
  • Harry Partch’s proposed 4 string instrument for the comparison of equal temperament with various systems of just intonation
  • Intervals from the 5-limit tonality diamond
  • Greek Mixolydian Scales
  • The tetrachord tunings of Archytas, Eratosthenes and Didymos
  • Greek Mixolydian Scales
  • Ling Lun’s pentatonic and 12-note systems

The systems implemented are based chiefly on the following texts:

How was MAX used?

Max was used to perform the calculations, generate the sounds, and collect it all together into a simple and easily controllable interface.

Just Intonation Toolkit

Feb 7, 2013 at 7:51am

wonderfull patch my friend. I was dreaming on it and trying to get that too!


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