Lamplight Tracker

Grid-based Sample Sequencing — Based on classic tracker software

:: features ::

Drag and Drop sample loading

Tracker-style sample sequencing — trigger samples and control volume, pan, pitch and other parameters straight from the grid

Dynamic sample and parameter sequencing — easily change sample order and parameters even while sequences are playing

Dynamic non-linear sequence routing — create sequences and re-route their ordering as they are playing

Waveform editing — crop and dynamic looping

Flexible pitch controls — semitone and record-player-style continuous pitch

Easy MIDI mapping of controls and effects

Effects chains — delay, reverb, distortion, ring mod, and more — each sample can be individually assigned to an effects channel — up to 26 separate effects channels, plus master effects

In-built Recording

Save/Load all sequence, sample and effect settings

How did this project use Max?

Created entirely in Max 5