M4L Imperial Grains

Hello everyone! Do you remember my standalone application Imperial Grains? Well, now you can have for free an improved version for Max for Live. You can create amazing sounds or textures on with one sample. Few parameters, amazing sound.

You have:
1. Density, Grain Length, Grain Position;
2. Glue Effect, a little reverb to work with textures;
3. Random parameter, when it’s active Grain Position parameter is locked and the grain position selection is random.
4. Possibility to use multiple instances;
5. Sound files embedded with live set;
6. Every parameter can be automated;
7. Start button, select with an automation when the plugin can SOUND!

In this detailed video, you can see the result with different samples or an entire track!
If you want to download it CLICK HERE

In addiction, I want to point out another little audio effect called Haas Effect, and H Delay for M4L. CLICK HERE if you want to know more about this little but useful tool.

I hope you enjoy it ;)

How did this project use Max?

Prototyped in Max/MSP and coded with an improved algorithm for M4L.

December 15, 2013 | 1:51 am


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