M4L Real-Time Texture 2.0

Hello everyone. :)
Now is the time to show you a new up date of my first M4L Device, click here if you want to see the last page.
There are many improvements in this version:
1. Possibility to bounce your work with this effect;
2. Preset saved with your Ableton Live project,
3. Control of threshold for grain record;
4. Improved algorithm;
5. Remains only the reverb, use Live Effects to create unique sounds.

I want to talk about the point five, in fact a made the choice to remove some effects for example “digitalize” parameter, because now the algorithm is more efficient and I want to give the possibility to create uniques Rack Effects. So the plugin will make only the sound, after you can make what you want. :)
In this video there are two types of utilization, one for ambient music and the other for an aggressive sound.

Click here for download page.

Enjoy it! :)

How did this project use Max?

Built with Max4Live.