M4L Spiker FXM

Spiker FXM (Effects Module) is an audio effect for Max for Live. It is taken from Spiker, one of my standalone applications. I converted the effects module for M4L, it can be useful on drum loops if you want to experiment some noise. Important parameter is the LFO/Ring Modulator. In fact, if you have a kick with low frequencies, you can use the LFO parameter like a Ring Modulator and increase bass frequencies. With another non-conventional parameter “Ambient Volume” you can use your distorted sound like a texture.

1. Ambient Engine;
2. Overdrive;
3. Sample Rate;
4. Bit Rate;
5. LFO – Ring Modulator.

Click here if you want to download it.
Enjoy ;)

How did this project use Max?

Entirely built with Max/MSP 6 for Ableton Live.