Max for App: Spiker

Spiker is a new Mac Standalone application built with Max/MSP.

It is an experimental application for Sound Design, in fact you can create rhythmic patterns using only two sine waves and a probabilistic algorithm. So you can set:
1. Speed of Pattern;
2. Bass Note and High Note;
3. Probability for Bass Note and High Note.

At the end, you have a module of effects:
1. Ambient Volume;
2. Overdrive;
3. Sample Rate;
4. Bit Rate,
5. LFO/Ring Modulator.

In this video you can see a demonstration of the app. If you want to download it, click here and you’ll redirect on my Official Website with Spiker description. You’ll find a “Mac App Store” logo.

I’m preparing also Spiker FXM (effects module), available soon for M4L.

Enjoy ;)

How did this project use Max?

Built entirely with Max/MSP 6.