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Metamorphos – Dance/Media performance by The 7th Sense

May 3013
Gothenburg, Sweden

I developed this project together with Swedish-Canadian choreographer Mireille Leblanc as our latest production under the name The 7th Sense. It was obvious (since I am a Max programmer since many years) to use Max/Jitter to solve all the various things we wanted to do in the show.

How was MAX used?

Audio, video (live, interactive and prerecorded) along with light was all controlled by Max using two networked computers. Lemur iPad was used as control surface. Kinect + 2 video cams were used for tracking and capture.

Metamorphos – Dance/Media performance by The 7th Sense

Jul 3, 2013 at 4:50pm

I would love to see a video for this collaboration – sounds like an interesting project.


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