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midiBrain – midi looping and performance tool -

04 2012
cologne (germany)

midiBrain is a built pc app (have to write a guide how to use the mxf-file with mac and the runtime but need a mac to try out..anyone?).

It records and loops arbitrary midi data synced to ReWire or to internal clock and midi clock master. One multifunction-button can control the essential looper function for easy use in performances. Incoming midi (optional) can be set to a chosen channel in order to address the events dynamically to different targets on the fly. The program keeps track  of  programs for all 16 midi  channels   to  easily switch between programs of synthesizers, whether they are virtual or not.  Some ways of using it: The program sits  in front of the sequencer software/synthesizer so that Fi. In case of  Ableton pre-mapped midi controllers to parameters like the frequency of an autofilter can be looped, as well as aux-sends like all midi assignable parameters and of course notes for playing an instrument etc. . midiBrain gets events from its 3 midi sources to record/loop and alter them and  the events are forwarded to a virtual midi-port (in case of using it with a sequencer software) or sent out straight to physical midi-port or any program or device which is capable of receiving and transmitting midi events. You can use this software standalone as it can be used with its internal clock (max transport) and sync midi hardware to it. I played gigs with it and it was fun to use and I thought after testing it its time to upload it.

A manual is included in the download as well as videos on youtube.

How was MAX used?

the program is written in Max and Java. Max is used for all but the looper and midi event logic/quantization (like undo-function etc.).

midiBrain – midi looping and performance tool -

Sep 26, 2012 at 9:49am


Nov 12, 2012 at 4:51pm

hey i have a mac and i want to do this please write a manual for me please please!


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