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Manuel Palma
Lepe, Spain

mpMouseician handles midi notes and velocity values remote controlled by mouse movement. You just have to move your mouse up/down to control the velocity values, and left/right to control the piano roll pitch.

This simple device manipulated by remote control, provides a means of melodic and rhythmic expression through movement.

Start playback by clicking the Control Bar’s Play button to syncro.

LENGHT: determine the duration of all notes.
HUMANIZE: move notes by time of the set quantization value.
CYCLE: after how many pulses the value of interval change.
RETRIGGER: enable to trigger the note when the mouse is stationary.
PROBABILITIES: when enabled, the rate of triggering notes cease to be fixed to change based on the selected values of Interval and Weight.
PITCH SCALE: alters incoming note pitch based on a scale mapping.

How was MAX used?

[ Max MIDI Effect ] Written in Ableton Live v8.2.1 - Max v5.1.4


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