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multitouch iPad OSC controller


A custom multitouch OSC controller.

How was MAX used?

Max is used as a brain of the controller. First the interface is configured within a Max patch and openGL drawing commands are sent to Fantastick app running on an iPad or other iDevice. Fantastick sends raw touch data to Max, where it is analysed for interactions with the control objects. Finally the screen is updated and OSC messages are generated, which can be used to control anything capable of receiving them. All communication between Max and the iPad happens over WiFi. The controller layouts can be saved within Max as presets.

multitouch iPad OSC controller

Apr 17, 2012 at 3:02pm

Thanks Adrian,
i think it’s the first time hearing excellent ElectroAcoustiMusic while
looking all the other interesting projects !
I’m the studio manager of the EA Studio of the Academie der Künste in Berlin.
So I will ask you for a possibility working 2013 in our Studio bases on a commission of course. Let me know.
I am afraid asking my other question – do you sell this Fanta Patch.
however ,y compliments.
Gerd Rische

Apr 27, 2012 at 8:32am

Hi Gerd,

Thanks for the compliments!!

I’ve sent you a reply to your email, leat me know if you go it.

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