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osynth for the microTone

Berne, Switzerland

osynth is a free microtonal polyphonic synthesizer with various oscillator types and random-modulation sources. It was written for the microTone iPad app and receives microtonal MIDI or OSC data for up to 10 fingers.

- voice1: saw/sine with hpf
- voice2: noise with resonant filter
- voice3: sine sub-osc
- voice4: sine osc one octave higher
- voice5: wavetable osc
- reverb
- stereo delay
- binaural FX
- random pitch modulator
- recallable presets
- connect the microTone with core MIDI over WiFi or cable
- connect the microTone with OSC over WiFi

How was MAX used?

osynth was entirely made with MAX. Tutorial MAX-patches showing how osynth parses MIDI or OSC data from the microTone are available for free on my website!

osynth for the microTone

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