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by Ernest

Spirolab draws real-time sound in 3D, for which it contains its own custom sound generators. Most interest has been in its ability to simulate galactic-scale st...


by TiagoAngelo

This patch uses an implementation of Craig Reynolds' "boids" algorithm (available in Max Javascript Examples) to drive a granular synthesizer, where each agent ...


by Julien Bayle

PROJECT 1111 is both an audio/visual piece and a live performance containing 4 sub-pieces (0001, 0010, 0100 and 1000) Project 1111 is an exploration of rando...


by dgraph

hey all, I made a couple of standalone apps utilizing and used in conjunction with and Ho...

KeyStrokeTrigger Tool

by messengerboymedia

By copying this consolidated object to your patch, you'll never have to go through that whole "key to ascii to sel to bang" process again! Download: http://w...

Graph Arpeggiator 3

by nakataka

I developed very innovative sound tool named “Graph Arpeggiator 3”. It is an unprecedented tool. You can produce a lot of sound only by drawing a polygon...


by Roberto Mucchiut

First Swiss execution of Mixtur (Karlheinz Stockhausen 1964), for orchestra, 4 sine-wave generators, and 4 ring modulators (


by mradentz

The Problem:  Creating interesting audible "movement" for motion graphics video presentations. The Solution:  The multiBufferClicker! The multiBufferClicker a...

New Delhi Audiograph

by yaniki

New Delhi Audiograph An interactive, audiovisual installation by Paweł Janicki, the work treats some elements of the Hindi language as a structural foundati...


by Manuel Palma

mpEchoChord is a tool designed to facilitate the creation and interpretation of harmonies. It is a midi effect created in MaxforLive, which combines two of the ...


by Manuel Palma

mpMouseician handles midi notes and velocity values remote controlled by mouse movement. You just have to move your mouse up/down to control the velocity values...

WHITEBOX SAMPLEPLAYER. Mac only. Requires Dirac external. Link given.

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Mac ONLY! Drag any sample onto the player to use this plug-in. It features ADSR, a reverb and a multi function filter with a graphical interface to aid settings...

Ipsum Sola – Electroacoustic Performance Software

by J.J.Hartmann

Ipsum Sola is performance software that enables the user to perform audio manipulation on a single solo instrumentalist, like: control a incoming audio signal, ...

Interactive bar table

by ćwiek

It's just a kind of interactive advertisement.

Just Intonation Toolkit

by tom_mudd

The Just Intonation Toolkit is a very simple free resource that allows musicians to hear and play intervals other those found in equal temperament tuning system...

Digital Spaces

by Nick Donovan

Digital Spaces (working title) is a practice-as-research, work in progress installation, shown in December 2012, exploring the relationships between audience, p...

osynth for the microTone

by grimnebluna

osynth is a free microtonal polyphonic synthesizer with various oscillator types and random-modulation sources. It was written for the microTone iPad app and re...

All Is Domain

by kodamapixel

All Is Domain was a final undergraduate work I produced at COFA (UNSW) in 2010. The concept behind this piece is to allow the participant to explore a hidden hi...

Expanded session, mixer and device viewers for Max For Live

by eameres

I recently started an algorithmic music project using Max for Live when I got the thought that it would be great to have a way to use session view and arrangeme...

All in one: Kinect Video Music Lighting Jockey – Kivimulij

by PereVicalet

All in one, is a project for investigating how powerfully can be M4L with implementation of all multiple possibilities. This is a brief demonstration of its pos...

Vavdo S “modular” synthesizer

by giorgos stefanou

Vavdo S is a free software "modular" synthesizer . It's designed for the Vavdo A2 osc/midi controller but If you like, you can setup your own osc/midi controll...

Video Kaleidoscope Showing & Dynamic MIDI Generating System

by victor

This semester I'm totally absorbed in this software, Max, after the recommendation of my teacher on the Multimedia Technology class. Then I download a trial a...


by nicolight

Vimi2 is a video player for stage performances. It organizes video files in a playlist and can mix 2 files together at anytime. Cuepoints can be placed on a t...

Live at Gaité Lyrique

by lorenzo.bianchi

A video of an excerpt of a performance i did at Gayté Lyrique in Paris, November 2012. for the opening night of the IRCAM forum 2012. the video is a little...

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