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Flower´s silence in empty guns

by maingardt

Flower´s silence in empty guns (2012) for piano, live electronics and Wii sensors. Piano: Paulo Àlvares WP: Departure 5, Musikfabrik Cologne

Uzz Ultimate Ztep Zequencer

by animatek

UZZ inspired on Ultimate Step Sequencer (USS) Created by Len Sasso. Features: Position, flash the number of step. Mode, Play or Stop position for each ...

_ultraGlitcher for Ableton Live

by Julien Bayle

FEATURES - 3 fx stages based on step sequencing * frequency modulator modulating the input with a raw and gloomy carrier * crusher crushing bit depth resolut...


by Meng Qi

multiple xy pad midi controller for monome grid created by: Meng Qi (http://mengqimusic.com prefix: /pad This app i...

the freQ

by we-play

'the freQ' is an Audio Game made entirely on Max/Msp. It exercises pitch perception, memory and reflexes in a musical way. Concept: Player first chooses a fre...

Fluxus Vox

by Ted Wiggin

Fluxus Vox is a granular synthesizer designed for fluent and expressive manipulation.

Max MSP Book Vol. 2 (Italian version)

by Maurizio Giri

MUSICA ELETTRONICA E SOUND DESIGN Teoria e Pratica con Max MSP, Volume 2 di Alessandro CIpriani e Maurizio Giri Prefazione di David Zicarelli 680 pages T...

Video-Game > “The drinker”

by touk

Catch beer bubbles and beware of water !!! Best scores wins beers ;) It's a part of a collection of game arcade ("the collector & organic") Made by M...

Video-Game > “Organic”

by touk

You must help the bee to pollinate the flowers quickly ! It's a part of a collection of game arcade ("the collector & the drinker") Made by Maxime Sch...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

An ambient synth with 8 pad tones plus Reverb, Attack, Release, Cutoff and Spectral Delay.   A surprisingly deep variation of sounds available with a...


by André Rangel

While listening to a 2 minutes music composition, users scalp-electrical-activity disturbs the curve of a spiral.


by André Rangel

Experiment for visualization and sonification of voltage fluctuations along the scalp. Particle systems and noise generators modulated by oscillators were co...

Video-Game > “The collector”

by touk

The idea behind this project was to offer a video game to a wider public. In partnership with a grocer, the players with the highest scores earned fruits! Th...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX DIALSYNTH is a superfast one-dial call-up of 24 presets ranging from rich pads to quirky leads.   No dials to tweak. Who needs them? Get wri...

Color Tracking Doodle

by messengerboymedia

This is a little doodle inspired by Jitter Tutorial 25: Tracking the Position of a Color in a Movie. Basically I created my own video of a red ball moving aroun...

Órgano – talking machine

by felzam

Órgano is a talking machine featuring two different voice synthesizers. The first one is a text-to-speech synth whose input comes from a typewriter. The second...

Step Sequencer (for Ableton Live)

by eliran

Step Sequencer  is a sequencing device specially designed to integrate with Ableton Live's Operator. Featuring: Up to 16 steps Automatic control over ...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

Designed for the musician who is either in a hurry, bored with tweaking parameters and/or extremely lazy. It takes the decision-making out of sound selection...


by balam

Exp.Ins.X " Exp.Ins.X" is an interactive installation and experimental instrument that incorporates projection and sound generated by a wireless box made o...


by romaindumaine

SMD (Koichi Samuels and Romain Dumaine), performing their composition for improvised performance 'Orchard', using their bespoke MAX/MSP, Kinect and TouchOSC sys...

Story of a Shaped Sound

by romaindumaine

Story of a shaped sound explores the ideas of Pierre Schaeffer to “shape” a recorded sound. This story is explored by manipulating and shaping one recorded ...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

More FAT than PHAT, this gizmo lets you drop any sample into it's synth-mouth and then tweak it with synth controls and play it back across the keyboard. Fea...


by theoreticalbacon

'Symphony in D Minor' is the result of an intensive 1 1/2 year collaboration between artists Patrick Gallagher and Chris Klapper. A large scale series of hand m...

100,000 Lux

by RazUllah

100,000 Lux is a fusion of science, visual art and sound design that transformed the exterior of the University of Abertay’s Centre for Excellence building in...

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