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hiddenTouch – vibration enriched telecommunication

by vandeloow

hiddenTouch - Bachelor Project by Martin Feigel Motivation Of all the human senses, touch is perhaps the most pervasive. In the mobile electronics industry,...


by szymon_k

Freeq is spectral filtering app for easy and fast frequency manipulations. You can cut and manipulate single frequencies, transforming sounds however you like! ...

Tool > “Tweeter picture grabber”

by touk

Created for interactive installations in nightclubs and art gallery. This tool is used to capture the photos sent by tweeter with the content of messages and...

SAOL : Interactive Dance Performance

by furrii

An excerpt from rehearsals of the Floating World Productions performance SAOL. Live visuals and sonics controlled by Dancers Movement.

Lumino (2011)

by AndrewReedMiller

I performed this one in in the winter of 2011 in Halifax (Open Waters at the James Dunn) and Fredericton (Surgery Series at Gallery Connexion) Canada

Neural Network

by chrisdavidhowe

Within the art world, the psyche of the artist has long been a recurring subject of contemplation, and with the recent widespread availability of advanced scien...


by juan

QUADEK Digital Quadraphonic Audio Decoder -- Bring back to life the sound of your quadraphonic records! -- QUADEK implements two algorithms capable of decod...

Alternate Realm

by Al Thumm

Alternate tuning synthesizer   :: features :: Custom tunings -- default is a limit 7 tuning system. All notes can be retuned by frequency Retun...

WTPh? – What the Phonics

by Andrew Spitz

WTPh? is an interactive installation made by Momo Miyazaki and I (Andrew Spitz). Street names in Denmark are close to impossible for foreigners to pronounce, so...

Video-Game > “Atom”

by touk

You move into the world of the atom, an unstable world, where anything can happen. Your goal: eliminate foreign molecules attracted to the core, otherwise th...

OAR Light 3x

by Panayiotis Velianitis

A new version of the interactive OpticoAcoustic Reactor (project 435) app extended to three independent white line sensors, each with its own audio - midi con...

Max4Live Synthesizer for AudioCubes

by cvdamme

The Max4Live patch is created for the AudioCubes, and consists of three oscillators: main oscillator, sine wave modulating oscillator, and square wave modulatin...

Kflux Bundle

by kdevices

Kflux bundle is the complete Max For Live suite for granulation of sound, released by K-Devices. Kflux bundle contains three amazing devices: Kflux : Max ...


by ooeevv

"Real-time audio-video performer" Flute: Pablo Selnik Programming and Music: Marco Domenichetti, Dènys Sanz Video: Albert Rafart

J74 Max for Live plugins for Ableton Live

by Fabrizio Poce

A set of tools for sequencing, harmonization, network I/O and network collaboration. Some of these tools are available as free downloads (so, just grab them), o...

A Proposal for Master’s Thesis in Game Design— initial sketch

by irvn

The idea: project a game board onto the floor.. in this instance, a simple 5x5 grid.. with a camera focussed on the grid. As a player moves onto the board, an...

H2drOp Live

by farfisavox

H2drOp is a concept of creating music using water as the fundamental medium. From a small musical seed H2drOp has grown into a dynamic multimedia product th...


by Meng Qi

4 track autoharp with physical speed/resistance system created by: Meng Qi (http://mengqimusic.com prefix: /autoharp ...

Kennedy Day School Launchpad Applications

by spatz0r

In the Spring semester of 2011 at Berklee College of Music, I completed an undergraduate thesis project for the Electronic Production & Design major that wa...

Rat King (Performance #1)

by alexnathanson

Rat King is a 3 part project, by Alex Nathanson, which includes a performance, video and sound installation, and single channel video.  The performance compone...

What A Nice Time We Had Here

by alexnathanson

"The only thing I am afraid of is that we will someday just go home and then we will meet once a year, drinking beer, and nostalgically remembering what a nice ...

Quantized Audio Splicer (Tutorial #1)

by messengerboymedia

A simple patch/tutorial showing you how to splice an audio file into 4 parts, and trigger these different parts via the numbers "1" through "4" on your computer...

Reactrix 1.0 (Real-time interactive visuals manipulator patch)

by messengerboymedia

A real-time keystroke-dependent visuals manipulator, based on... mathematically layering... a repeating matrix... and noise... or something, I'm not really sure...

Kikka – a simple kick drum synthesizer for Max4Live

by alkopop79

The idea behind this project was to create a simple kick drum synthesizer. The instrument consists of two sine wave and a noise oscillator, each of them with am...

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